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By Medicover Hospitals / 04 Feb 2021
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What is Primount N tablets ?

  • Primount N 5mg Tablet is used to treat various menstrual problems, including painful, severe, or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and a condition called endometriosis. It's a man-made version of the natural female sex hormone progesterone.
  • Primount N 5mg Tablet may be taken with or without food, but it is best taken at the same time every day. The dose and how often you take it depends on what you take it for. Your doctor will decide how many dosages you need to improve your symptoms. Swallow the tablets with water. You should take this medicine for as long as it is prescribed.
  • The most common side effects of this medicine include headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, vaginal spotting, dizziness, and breast tenderness. Let your doctor know if they bother you or appear to be serious, as there may be ways to reduce or prevent them. Some side effects may mean that you should stop taking this medicine, including if you develop jaundice, migraine, or changes in your speech or senses (eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). You should also stop taking it if you become pregnant or if your blood pressure is getting too high.
  • Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, have diabetes, have migraines, or have any liver disease, or have ever had any problems with your blood circulation. Your doctor should also know about all other medicines that you are taking, as many of them may make this medicine less effective or change the way it works. This medicine may affect the results of some blood and urine tests, so make sure that any doctor who is treating you knows that you are taking it.
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    How to take

    • Always take this medicine exactly as you were told by your doctor or pharmacist. If you are not sure about taking, consult with your doctor or pharmacist.
    • The number of tablets you need to take and the number of days per month you need to take will depend on why your doctor has prescribed Primolut N. A common dosage would be 2-3 tablets per day. Primolut N has to be taken every day for certain conditions, but this is not always the case.
    • Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure how many tablets you need to take, when they should be taken, or how long you should take. Swallow the tablets with water.

    Primount N tablets Uses:

    Heavy menstrual bleeding:

  • Primount N 5mg Tablet is a synthetic hormone that reproduces the effect of a natural female hormone called progesterone. Progesterone slows the growth of the lining of the womb before menstruation, reducing bleeding during menstruation. If heavy periods become such a problem that they interfere with your everyday life, then try to make things a little easier on those days. Some women find relaxation techniques or yoga to help them feel more relaxed and less stressed. Getting a lot of exercises can help, too.
  • Pain during menstruation:

  • Primount N 5mg Tablet is a man-made hormone that reproduces the effect of a natural female hormone called progesterone. It counteracts the effects of another hormone called estrogen and reduces pain (cramps) over time. Painful periods have a major impact on a woman's everyday life, and there is not always a clear cause. This medicine is usually used in a particular part of the menstrual cycle. You may need to use analgesics (NSAIDs) as well as rapid pain relief.
  • Endometriosis:

  • Endometriosis is a health condition in which tissues around the lining of the womb begin to grow in other parts of the body. The main symptoms include pain in the lower stomach or back, period pain, pain during and after sex, constipation, diarrhea, and feeling sick. It can make it difficult to get pregnant, too. Primount N 5mg Tablet is a synthetic hormone that acts as a natural progesterone hormone. It works by preventing the lining of your womb and any endometriosis tissue from growing too fast. This will help to relieve the symptoms you may have. This medicine must be taken regularly to be effective and you may need other medicines or procedures to help control endometriosis.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS):

  • Primount N 5mg Tablet is a synthetic progestin that reproduces the effect of a natural female hormone called progesterone. It may be used for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), but is not always recommended for this purpose. It may help to reduce symptoms of PMS such as mood swings, anxiety, tiredness, bloating, breast tenderness, and headache. Lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, a lot of sleep and relaxation can also be helpful.
  • Primount N tablets Side Effects:

    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Breast tenderness
    • Nausea
    • Vaginal spotting
    • Vomiting
    • Abdominal cramp
    • Rashes
    • Headaches
    • Migraine
    • Fatigue
    • Feeling low
    • Irregular menses
    • Spotting
    • Breast discomforts
    • Stomach pain
    • Loss of appetite
    • Change in weight
    • High blood pressure


    • Alcohol -CONSULT the physician, Whether it is possible to drink alcohol with the Primount N 5mg tablet is not understood. Consult your physician, please.
    • For pregnancy- UNSAFE, It is extremely dangerous to use the Primount N 5mg tablet during pregnancy. As research on pregnant women and animals have shown major adverse effects on growing infants, seek the advice of your doctor.
    • Breastfeeding -CONSULT the physician, It is possible that the Primount N 5mg tablet is dangerous to use during breastfeeding. Restricted human information indicates that the medication will move into the breastmilk and affect the infant. In breastfeeding women, nonhormonal contraceptives are preferred, particularly during the first 4 weeks after birth.
    • Driving -UNSAFE, The Primount N 5mg tablet can reduce alertness, affect your vision, or make you feel dizzy and sleepy. If these symptoms are there, do not drive.
    • Kidney - Consult your physician. Limited information on the use of the Primount N 5mg tablet in kidney disease patients is available. Consult your physician, please.
    • The Liver- ATTENTION, In patients with liver disease, the Primount N 5mg tablet should be used with caution. It may be appropriate to change the dosage of the Primount N 5mg tablet. Consult your physician, please. In patients with serious liver disease, the use of the Primount N 5mg tablet is not recommended. If you develop symptoms of jaundice, such as yellowing of the eyes and skin, scratching, and clay, tell your doctor.

    General Warnings:

    • You have migraines, headaches, altered mood, or feel low.
    • Inform your doctor promptly if you encounter sudden vision deficiency.
    • You are an older person, or you have a habit of getting high cholesterol and smoking.
    • You may have heart disease, blood vessel-related disease, or high blood pressure.
    • With long-term consumption of this drug, you might develop the risk of developing cancerous or non-cancerous liver tumors.
    • You have a history of bile ducts, liver disease, kidney disease, compromised asthma, or sugar tolerance.
    • A doctor can stop the drug immediately if you experience a migraine, fever, increase in blood pressure, or jaundice.
    • The doctor should discontinue the drug at least four weeks before the surgery, to prevent unnecessary complications.
    • In order to verify the risk of the development of a clot in blood vessels, you need to be kept under surveillance during the procedure.
    • You have twitching of the muscles (titanium) or diabetes.
    • You have a history of otosclerosis and porphyria (a rare hereditary blood disease) (an inherited form of deafness that sometimes gets worse during pregnancy).
    • You've got a history of developing varicose veins (enlarged veins and most commonly appearing in the legs and feet).
    • You have a history of a disease in which the protective coating of nerves (multiple) is eaten away by the immune system.

    Important points

    • Primount N 5mg Tablet regulates menstrual cycles and treats a wide range of menstrual disorders such as severe, painful periods and endometriosis.
    • It might cause bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods. Let your doctor know if this happens frequently.
    • Stop taking Primount N 5mg Tablet and tell your doctor immediately if you have severe headaches, stabbing or swelling of your leg, breathing pain, yellowing of your skin, or sudden changes in your vision or hearing.
    • If you are pregnant, do not take Primount N 5mg Tablet. Use a non-hormonal method of contraception, such as condoms, to prevent pregnancy while taking this medicine, as it is not a contraceptive.


  • Some medicines, such as antibiotics, sedatives, and medicines for treating seizures and fits, can impair the function of this drug.
  • As severe interactions can occur, Primount-N Tab 10'S should not be taken along with steroid-containing medicines such as Prednisone, Prednisolone, and Cloprednol.
  • Primount vs Vissane:

    Primount-N Tab 10'S is a steroidal medicine It is a progestin medication that is used in birth control pills
    Primount N 5mg Tablet is used to treat various menstrual problems, including painful, severe, or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) It used in menopausal hormone therapy and to treat heavy periods and endometriosis.
    Dose Form TABLET Dose Form TABLET
    Given orally Given orally

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Primolut N can be used: for the treatment of irregular, painful or heavy periods. Endometriosis is used to treat premenstrual syndrome (where tissue from the lining of the uterus is present in areas where it is not usually found) (also known as premenstrual tension, PMS, or PMT).
    Progesterone, which is a human-made version of a natural female sex hormone, is present in this drug. The natural hormone progesterone works in a similar way and helps to preserve the optimum functions of the uterus.
    After taking this drug, you can experience variations in weight. It depends, however, on an individual's physiological condition and differs among different people.
    You should take this drug for the prescribed time and as prescribed by your physician. Do not raise the dosage of this drug on your own or decrease it.
    This drug should not be used during pregnancy and, if pregnancy is detected, should be stopped. The occurrence of miscarriage is not known when this medicinal product is used. For more details, consult your doctor.


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