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Travelling overseas for treatment can be a daunting experience for most international patients. Our team at Medicover Hospitals, is skilled in addressing all your concerns and doubts to your satisfaction. Medicover India's vision for healthcare is far-reaching, futuristic, and empowering. We are known to go the extra mile in taking special care of our international patients. Thus, we have a dedicated team for our overseas clients that provides round the clock assistance. Our team is experienced in handling concerns about visa/ travel arrangements, translators and international insurance coverage, assuring a seamless experience.

Medicover Hospitals is committed to delivering world-class medical care to its discerning global travelers in India. Known for our superior, innovative and patient-centric services, we ensure personalized care to each patient.


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Plan Your Trip

Medicover Hospital extends its services to patients across the globe. Our International Patient Department will help you plan and prepare for your travel itinerary to the hospital with a dedicated coordinator working closely with you. The overseas patients would be guided promptly through each step of their care starting from consultation to diagnostics, specialist care, treatment, follow-up schedules and then way back home, hale and healthy. We make sure to give you an experience like home while ensuring international standards of care blended with the utmost compassion.

guide to plan your travel

1. Online Enquiry

We do our best to provide all the information you need regarding our procedures, specialities, doctors, and hospitals on the website. You can learn more about our technologies, competencies, services, and facilities through an online enquiry.

2. Sharing Medical Reports

The next step involves sharing your medical reports with our international patient coordinator. This can be done online and it helps us get a preview of your medical condition to plan and design adequte future processes.

3. Evaluation of Medical Reports by Experts

After receiving your reports, our team of healthcare consultants analyses them to find the cause of your condition and discuss treatment options. These options are discussed with doctors from several departments to decide the best treatment plan for you.

4. Video Consultation with Concerned Doctors

For a better understanding, we schedule an online (video) consultation with the concerned specialist to discuss your medical condition and map out the treatment process. You can also resolve all your queries to understand what the treatment entails and what could be the possible outcomes

5. Cost Estimation for Advised Treatment

Your representative will provide you with an estimate of the cost of the treatment and the stay before your arrival. We will, however, provide you with an updated estimate if your treatment plan or travel conditions change due to unavoidable circumstances.

6. Arranging Your Travel Plans

At Medicover Hospitals, we go the extra mile to provide you with high-quality medical care and end-to-end travel & visa assistance. Our international representatives are here to assist you with language interpretation, currency exchange assistance, or finding a suitable hotel near the hospital for your accompanying relatives.

7. Visa Assistance / Visa Extension Assistance

We advise you to apply for a medical visa. If you require visa recommendation letters, we will gladly assist you. We collaborate with embassies and consulates worldwide to make the visa process easier for our patients

8. Complimentary Airport Pickup / Drop-off

At the airport, our hospital staff will arrange an airport pickup and drop-off service for the patient.

9. Language Interpreters / Local SIM

We have in-house translators to help us communicate and understand your needs better. We will also provide you with a local SIM card to let you remain connected and seek help whenever needed.

10. Currency Exchange

We understand how important it is for you to stay financially independent in a new nation with a different currency. Our dedicated account manager would help you out with currency exchange or would guide you with the process to make it simple and easy for you

11. Doctors Consultation

We will schedule a meeting with our experienced specialists based on your medical needs so that you can discuss your medical issues and seek advice on treatment plans, duration, do's and don'ts, and other vital information.

12. Admission, Treatment and Post-Discharge Care

Our dedicated patient care executive will assist you with the admission, treatment, and discharge processes, allowing you to focus only on your recovery.

International Patient Protocols

For a hassle-free journey, its essential to follow guidelines:

  • Make sure you have a valid medical visa.
  • Keep your medical documents handy, such as MRI reports, pictures, medications, and so on.
  • Fix a date for the surgery or procedure with the hospital.
  • When planning your trip, keep postoperative care in mind.
  • Prepare your finances (as well as your insurance) for travel and medical treatment.
  • Make a list of emergency contacts and caregivers.
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