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Dr B Vijaya Sree

Dr B Vijaya Sree

   MD, DVL

   Consultant Dermatologist
Cosmetologist & Trichologist

   Experience: 12 years


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Dr Divya Manchala

Dr Divya Manchala

   MD in Dermatology, venereology, Leprosy

   Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

   Experience: 5 years


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Frequently Asked Questions:

A dermatologist is a doctor who’s specialized in conditions which involve skin, hair and nails. The dermatologist has the ability to treat more than 3000 conditions.

Before visiting a dermatologist be clear about what problem you are facing. Make a full list of all the problems and if you are having any history related to dermatology carry all the required medical reports.

If a person is facing redness, itching, pain, rashes and pus-like symptoms then they should immediately consult a dermatologist.

A dermatologist can help in treating acne and also they can help in reducing the developing scars.

A dermatologist is specialized in treating skin health and treatment. Esthetician is specialized in skin care specialists who primarily focus on the appearance of the skin

If acne is left untreated that it will leave some life long scar on the skin. So treating acme on the right stage would be more useful.

If the child is having skin problems like birthmarks, eczema, warts then a pediatric dermatologist can easily treat the skin related problems.

A dermatologist is specialized in treating skin health and treatment Cosmetologists are specialized in hair cutting and other beauty-related services.

A dermatologist would try to know about the overall health problems and medications that you were taking before

Laser treatment works by heating the hair follicles for stoping the growth of new hair. Laser treatment is known to be permanent as it reduces the number of unwanted hair in the given area.

Laser hair removal treatment can be painful to some degree. The painful depends on the part of the body that is undergoing laser hair removal treatment. The more sensitive is the skin the more painful the treatment can be.

Laser hair treatment is permanent. But in some parts, a person can face regrowth of hairs.