Essential Heart Checkup Package

Importance of Heart Check-ups:

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Preparation Required: No Fasting Required
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4 tests | 9 parameters

Sample Required

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Essential Heart Check Up Package : Details

A heart check-up is crucial as it enables the early identification of potential heart problems before they escalate into serious or life-threatening conditions. Globally, cardiovascular disease stands as the leading cause of mortality. Often, individuals with heart disease are unaware of their condition as symptoms may not manifest until the disease has progressed significantly.

Detection and Management of Heart Conditions:

A heart check-up can identify risk factors for heart disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. These risk factors can be managed through lifestyle changes or medication, significantly reducing the risk of heart disease. Additionally, a heart check-up can detect heart conditions such as arrhythmias, heart valve problems, and congenital heart defects, even in the absence of symptoms. Early diagnosis allows for timely treatment, which can improve outcomes and enhance quality of life. Regular heart check-ups are a vital preventive measure to safeguard heart health and detect any issues early. It is recommended that adults incorporate regular heart check-ups into their routine healthcare regimen.

Free Expert Consultations by

  • Cardiologist Consultation
    Cardiologist Consultation


  • Blood glucose level (mg/dL)

  • Heart rate (bpm)
  • Rhythm

  • 2D Echocardiography
  • Color Doppler Ultrasound

  • Total cholesterol (mg/dL)
  • LDL cholesterol (mg/dL)
  • HDL cholesterol (mg/dL)
  • Triglycerides (mg/dL)

Essential Heart Check Up Package in Andhra Pradesh

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Details of the Essential Heart Checkup Package in Srikakulam

Test Description
ECG An electrocardiogram records the electrical activity of the heart.
TMT (Treadmill Test) Exercise stress test to evaluate the heart's response to exertion
2D Echo Echocardiogram to assess the structure and function of the heart
Chest X-ray Imaging of the chest to evaluate the heart and lungs
Lipid Profile Blood test to measure cholesterol levels
Blood Sugar (Fasting) Blood test to measure glucose levels in the fasting state
Blood Sugar (PP) Blood test to measure glucose levels after consuming a meal
BMI Calculation Calculation of Body Mass Index to assess weight-related health risks

Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to consult the doctor regarding the intake of medications before undergoing the essential heart checkup package.

The cost of an essential heart health check-up available at Srikakulam is approximately Rs.700.00.

Yes, you may be asked to fast for 8-12 hours before the test and avoid certain medications. It is best to consult the doctor to get specific instructions.

The tests and consultations included in the essential heart check-up package are:

  • Investigations :
    • GRBS - Per Time
    • ECG
    • Screening Echo
    • Serum Cholesterol
  • Consultations :
    • Cardiologist Consultation

Essential Heart Checkup Package in Srikakulam comprises of following tests:

  • Grbs -Per TimeEcg2D Echo With Colour DopplerSerum Cholesterol

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