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Whether you require EKG or ECG, Holter monitoring, echocardiogram, stress test, cardiac catheterization, cardiac CT scan, or cardiac MRI, our cardiologists in Nellore provide all these services. Our best cardiologist in Nellore offers the best and most world-class treatment to the patients. The heart doctor at Medicover Hospital aims to provide the best diagnosis and treatment and a comprehensive plan to better the lives of the patient.

The heart specialists in Nellore. Medicover Hospital specializes in a range of heart issues and diseases. It allows them to offer treatment across all ages and cases. Heart specialists provide exceptional care for paediatric cardiac ailments to ensure the children get the best treatment care across their journey with us.

Medicover Hospital has the best cardiologists who are aware one in a hundred children suffers from a heart problem. Since it is a multi-speciality and facility hospital our cardiologists in Medicover Hospital, work closely with heart surgeons and other specialists when required to treat patients. We offer a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to cardiac treatment. The cardiac centre in Medicover Hospital provides round the clock service with the best cardiologists and cardiac staff to ensure every patient gets prompt treatment for their ailments.

When we do the initial testing at Medicover Hospital for children and adults alike, the procedures are non-invasive and safe. No injection is given at the first visit, and the parent(s) or guardian can stay with the patients throughout the visit, thus making them comfortable.

A prenatal ultrasound that focuses on the function and structure of the heart is a fetal echocardiogram. It is done in paediatric cardiology care, where the obstetrician, perinatology, cardiologist and radiologist work together to scan and perform the exam using the same ultrasound technology used for all the other prenatal scanning.

Yes, cardiologists can conduct a foetal echocardiogram on a patient.

On average, the first visit is about one and a half hours. But it can vary on the nature of the heart condition and the ailment. Typically, we evaluate the patient's heart condition during the first visit and assess the vital signs and do an EKG.

During the first visit, the patient, family and the heart specialist meet, where the latter will review the reason for the visit. Next, the cardiology will review the past medical history of the paint and perform a detailed cardiac examination which is non-invasive. If required, they will also assess if there is an effect of the heart condition on other organs. Next, a detailed physical exam is done on the child, including an echocardiogram and then discussing the findings to develop a treatment plan and the timing for the next visit.