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Dr Sudhir Suryakant Shetkar

Dr Sudhir Suryakant Shetkar


   Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

   Experience: 15 years


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Dr Sachin Kumar Pralhad Patil

Dr Sachin Kumar Pralhad Patil


   Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

   Experience: 9+ years


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Dr Kanchan M Bhambare

Dr Kanchan M Bhambare

   MBBS, DNB General Medicine, DNB Cardiology

   Interventional Cardiologist

   Experience: 9 years


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Dr Abhishek Ashok Saklecha

Dr Abhishek Ashok Saklecha

   MBBS, MD (Medicine) Gold Medalist, DM (Cardiology)

   Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

   Experience: 7 years


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Every year 12 lakh youngsters die in India due to cardiac arrest for several reasons. The patient must get immediate and timely treatment to increase their chances of survival. Only a professional medical practitioner with impeccable knowledge of cardiology can give the patient a survival chance.

Cardiologists in Medicover Hospital have been treating young, adult and mature patients suffering from heart and cardiovascular ailments for a long time. As one of the best facilities with the top cardiologists in Nashik, we treat a range of cardiological conditions including conggnital the ones. Our heart specialist in Nashik provide the best treatment for chest pain, arrhythmias, numbness in the arms, shortness of breath, hypertension, breathlessness, or shooting pain in the arm, back or neck. Our facility is not only for young adults and mature citizens. As one of the best heart specialist centres in Nashik, Maharashtra, we offer a customized and comprehensive paediatric cardiology centre too.

Our service is around the clock, where we take in emergency cardiac cases, elective cases and even ambulatory cases. All of them are treated by the best cardiologist in Nashik.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you reside in Nashik or a nearby area and are looking for the best cardiologist, then Medicover Hospital has the best cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and cardiovascular specialists.

Depending on the condition and the ailment of the heart, different procedures can be followed. Some of the common conditions that often involve surgical procedures are:

Artificial pacemaker surgery
Coronary angioplasty and stent implantation
Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Heart valve surgery
Thrombolytic therapy

When you have to visit a heart specialist for the first time, you should

carry a copy of your recent medical reports and test results
ensure you have listed all the symptoms
the time of the day or night when you feel these symptoms and how worse they get
family history of cardiac risk
do not lie about your lifestyle; tell the truth

While several diseases are due to environmental factors, heart disease has been liked to family and genetic history, which increased with exposure to an unfriendly environment like smoking, lack of exercise, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and unfriendly working schedule. While the genetic disposition cannot be changed, the risk of heart disease can be mitigated with better life and management of the environment.

It was believed that only older men had heart attacks, but with the recent development, anyone can have a heart attack. The best way to know your heart condition and its risk is by getting checked. A cardiologist will analyze and evaluate your heart condition and recommend the necessary preventive measures. Also, you must be aware of the signs of having heart disease or heart attack.

It is a misnomer that heart diseases happen to me. But on the other hand, heart diseases cause as much mobility and mortality in women as men. Hence, it is essential to take care of yourself and your heart health irrespective of your gender. But women need to be more vigilant since they don’t always get that classic symptom of chest pain.