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The electrophysiology of the heart is an invasive study that runs a series of tests on the heart to understand, evaluate, and examine the heart's electrical activity. The top cardiologists in Vizag can study the heart's electrical system that produces the impulse (signals), which controls the heartbeat's timing. The electrophysiology study allows the heart doctor to get a detailed understanding of the impulses between each heartbeat.

Electrophysiology is part of cardiology. It focuses on understanding the heart's electrical system (signals/impulses) and heart rhythm disorder. It can require specialised study within the study of cardiology.

The procedure of cardiac electrophysiology doesn't hurt, but you will feel uncomfortable as the heartbeats slow down and speed up. But if you feel any pain, you must tell the carer performing the study.

Typically the study would take between one to four hours, but if a cardiac surgeon performs treatments like catheter ablation, then it can take longer.

The process is non-invasive where the cardiologist doctor will detect and monitor the heart impulses with

• Single-averaged EKG testing
• EKG event monitoring on a look
• 24 hours Holter monitoring
• Use of latest techniques and use of technology to analyse the irregulates of the heartbeat

At Medicover Hospital in Vizag, the heart specialist specialises in electrophysiology. They can help in treating heart failure by diagnosing the condition of the heart and recommending the necessary steps for recovery. In addition, they can recommend the patient to a cardiac surgeon when an operation or any other invasive procedures are required. It can include coronary angioplasty, heart valve surgery or a bypass.