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Medicover Cancer Institute (MCI) is renowned as one of the Best Cancer Hospital in Nellore. we are serving patients from all over India with good patient care. MCI is one of the most comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment institutions in the world.In our hospital Oncologists are specialized in managing treatments for people with early and advanced cancers. People with cancer seeking care at MCI Nellore access a full range of treatment options, including standard and clinical trial treatments.

Our oncologists collaborate with professionals from all departments to provide coordinated and integrated multidisciplinary care to persons with cancer of all forms. Our Cancer Hospital offers comprehensive cancer care that is backed up by internationally known research, as well as the most effective strategies for achieving long-term survival and improving patient quality of life.


Surgical Oncology

Surgical Oncology at Medicover Hospital, Nellore, provides cancer care that focuses on using surgery to diagnose and treat cancer. Surgical Oncology has a team of highly experienced surgeons with vast experience in cancer treatment and care. They have extensive experience performing numerous cancer surgeries and reconstructive procedures with excellent outcomes. Being one of India's major oncology centers, Medicover hospital endeavors to provide all-inclusive cancer care, including prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. In addition to comprehensive care, we have cutting-edge technologies, world-class amenities, and a highly trained workforce with high success rates.

Our Surgical Oncologists provide a multidisciplinary approach by collaborating with Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, and other cancer specialists to combine surgery with other therapies and procedures for the patient's overall care. Palliative procedures are also available to alleviate pain, promote comfort, and improve quality of life.

We also have the most advanced technology available in India, which delivers an accurate diagnosis and aids in treating cancer. Brain cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endocrine cancer, gastric cancer (stomach cancer), lung cancer, gynecologic cancers, head and neck cancers, melanomas, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, sarcomas, advanced and complex tumor surgery, palliative surgeries are some of the cancers that have been successfully treated surgically at our hospital.

Milestones achieved in the Department

Milestone of 250+ cancer surgeries since the establishment of MCI(within 14 months). We feel proud that we have done all types of oncosurgery that include

Head & Neck Cancers:

  • Wide local excision + HEMI/SEGMENTAL Mandibulectomy + Neck Dissection + Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap Reconstruction
  • Hemiglossectomy/ subtotal glossectomy
  • TOTAL / HEMI Thyroidectomies +/- Neck Dissection
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Schwannoma over the lower neck region
  • Tracheostomies
  • Total parotidectomy
  • Other reconstructive procedures like a nasolabial flap, submental flap, trapezius flap

Gastro-Intestinal Cancers:

  • Gastrectomy
  • Right and left hemicolectomy
  • Sigmoidectomy
  • Anterior Resections (lap assisted/open)
  • Low Anterior Resections (lap assisted/open)
  • Abdomino perineal Resections (lap assisted/open)
  • Diversion colostomy
  • Feeding jejunostomy

Hepatobiliary Cancers:

Distal pancreatectomy + splenectomy

Genitourinary Cancers:

  • Radical cystoprostatectomy with an ileal conduit with ureter anastomosis
  • Radical nephrectomies with para-aortic lymph node dissection
  • Lap assisted Radical nephrectomy
  • Staging Laparotomy ( Total abdominal hysterectomy + B/L salpingo oophorectomy + peritoneal biopsies + para-aortic lymph nodes dissection) for ca ovary and ca endometrium
  • Radical hysterectomy
  • Simple hysterectomy (lap/open)
  • Radical Vulvectomy + inguinal block dissection
  • Partial penectomy + inguinal block dissection

Skin Cancers:

  • Wide local excision + lymph node dissection + Flap reconstruction for SCC & Malignant melanoma
  • Wide local excision + flap reconstruction for BCC

Breast Cancer:

  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Breast conservation surgery + Oncoplastic surgery

Musculoskeletal Cancer:

  • Soft tissue sarcoma
  • Chemo Port insertion

Procedures/Treatment Options available

Plus, advanced oncoplastic procedures like free flap reconstruction for oral cancer surgeries.

Medical oncology

Medical oncology at Medicover Hospitals, Nellore MOI is a branch of oncology concerned with treating cancer using medicinal drugs and administering therapies to patients, like chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. When integrated with other cancer therapy techniques, such as radiation oncology and surgical oncology, Medical oncology is effective in cancer treatment.

Our Department of Oncology at Nellore has experts in Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology who administer comprehensive therapies to patients meeting their health requirements. Our medical and clinical oncologists collaborate and encompass both the therapeutic use of radiotherapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy.

The Department has highly qualified and dedicated full-time medical oncologists with complete expertise in managing hematological malignancies. The medical oncology team at Medicover Hospitals is well-versed in the treatments such as chemotherapy and endocrine therapy, as well as the most recent biological and targeted treatments for tumors. They provide personalized chemotherapy using advanced technologies. We follow the most patient-friendly professional approach and are available round the clock to serve our patients in the best way possible.

Milestones achieved in the Department

3688 cases of Chemotherapy's (CT) Completed



Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology at Medicover Hospitals, Nellore MOI, also known as Radiotherapy, is a medical specialty that deals with damaging cancer cells & tumors with high-energy Ionizing radiation such as X-rays, gamma rays, protons, neutrons & carbon ions. Radiotherapy is given alone or in combination with surgery or chemotherapy to treat various cancers.

Medicover Hospitals offers high precision Radiation Oncology with the help of innovative techniques and standard protocols to bring high-satisfying outcomes. We provide Radiation Therapy for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectal cancer, lung cancer, gynecologic cancer, head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, bowel cancer, uterine cancer, and skin cancer. We offer advanced surgical interventions for cancer patients at all stages.

We have the best Radiation Oncologists who provide the best treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. We provide advanced diagnostic services such as biopsy, endoscopy, diagnostic imaging, blood tests, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT scans, and PET CT scans. Our experts work dedicatedly 24*7. The hospital is armed with the best state-of-the-art technology for Radiotherapy.

Milestones achieved in the Department

421 cases of Radiation Therapy (RT) Completed


PET CT scan

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that cares for non-invasive, painless, safe, and cost-effective medical diagnosis and treatment procedures. It assesses biological functions by diagnosing and treating disorders using radioactive medications.

The nuclear medicine department at the Medicover hospital, Nellore, delivers high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services by utilizing cutting-edge technology. It aids in the early detection of disease and the right therapy evaluation. It also assists clinicians in initiating proper treatment and providing better outcomes. Nuclear and molecular medicines or imaging have provided the finest medical care for critical disorders such as benign tumors and malignancies, thyroid and other endocrine problems, and neurological diseases.

Nuclear medicine doctors have specialized training in various therapeutic and diagnostic methods. We offer various services, including PET-CT, Gamma probe, and PET/MR imaging. We are available 24x7 to facilitate diagnostic and treatment options for our patients.

Milestones achieved in the Department

Total -1126 Scans Completed

  • FDG Pet Scans-1189
  • NPET Pet Scans-13
  • PSMA Pet Scans-14
  • Bone Pet -10


PET CT(United India Imaging)

Bone Marrow Transplant

The soft, spongy tissue found within some bones, such as those in the hips and thighs, is known as bone marrow. Stem cells are unique cells that can replicate themselves and transform into the various types of cells that your body requires. A bone marrow/stem cell transplant is a medical treatment that involves the transplantation of healthy stem cells into the bone marrow or blood. As a result, your body's ability to produce red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets is restored.

Minimally Invasive Oncology

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is also being performed for cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary tract, female reproductive system with high definition laparoscopic equipment. We also have well modular theaters with well-equipped IWS post-operative wards. Our team has vast expertise to treat cancer patients with compassion & dedication.

Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric oncology is a branch of medicine focusing on the diagnosis & treatment of Pediatric Cancer. Pediatric oncologists study and train in both pediatrics and oncology. Cancers that are found in youngsters are different from those that are seen in adults. Pediatric oncology focuses on cancers of infants, children, and adolescents.


Hematology is a medical specialty dealing with benign & malignant disorders of the blood. Iron deficiency anemia, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, thalassemias, platelet disorders leukemias, and lymphomas, as well as malignancies of plasma cells, are all covered by hematology-oncology.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

In physiotherapy, the word physio or physical indicates that this therapy is related to the physical parts of the patients who suffer from it. Physiotherapy mainly focuses on the movement of the body's organs and the strength of the body.

Nuclear Medicine - PET-CT

A PET scan, also known as positron emission tomography, is a nuclear medicine diagnostic that creates a three-dimensional image of the body's functioning activities. A PET scan shows the distinctions between healthy and sick tissues by using a little amount of radioactive medication.

Pain and Palliative Care

Palliative care is used to relieve pain and other physical, mental, or psychosocial symptoms associated with a serious or life-threatening disease or medical condition.

Nuclear Therapeutics

Nuclear medicine therapy is a method of treating cancer that can be used in conjunction with or after other treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery. Unless combined with other therapies, it usually does not result in a cure.

Key Infrastructure

  • Medicover Cancer Institute, Nellore is having advanced IMRT and Rapid PT services.
  • Advanced LINAC Radiotherapy equipment and PET-CT Scan for cancer screening within a very short time.
  • Expert specialists, qualified technicians and advanced equipment for facilitating cancer treatment
  • Offer services in the Departments of Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.
  • More than 2000 Chemotherapy treatments in the last one year.
  • Brachy Therpary is the most advanced equipment in the A.P Region. More than 50 brachytherapy done in the last one year.
  • More than 5000 radiotherapy treatments in the last one year.
  • The hospital is NABH Accredited and is established to create and manage accreditation programmes for healthcare organisations.


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