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When it comes to heart, we know that every patient and their family want an answer, and that is too fast. However, with our latest technology and state of the art machinery, we are the best department of cardiology in Nizamabad. We have the best cardiologists in Nizamabad, and with the robust team, we can assure you the waiting time is minimal.
We at Medicover understand the importance of time and the critical nature of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, when a patient arrives at our facility with our comprehensive assessment, we develop a manageable treatment plan in the best possible way. Furthermore, our meticulous follow-up care and plan to ensure the patient stays healthy with improved quality of life is part of our service that makes us the best in the cardiology department.
At Medicover, we offer in-house cardiology services. Also, our specialists in cardiology also offer their time as cardiology consultants on a range of ailments, including paediatric cardiology, congenital cardiac diseases, heart failure, and heart valve disorder, to name a few. Over the years, our cardiologists in Nizamabad have been offering comprehensive cardiac services using internationally accredited cardiac technology and best practices.
Our service is offered every day with ambulatory and emergency care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Heart attack is referred to the heath of the tissue of a heart muscle. It happens due to the sudden blockage of the artery. It is often caused by a clot that forms on a pre-existing build-up of cholesterol known ad plaque. Symptoms often associated with heart attack are neck pain, chest pain and left arm pain. There is, however, technology that allows the re-opening of the blockage on the artery and preserves the heart muscle for better functioning. So, if you have chest pain or associated symptoms, you should see medical assistance.

Stroke is referred to the death of the brain tissue. It happens due to interruption of the blood flow in the area or bleeding into the brain. It is possible to have a stroke due to vascular disease.

It is only after your primary physician refers to a cardiologist who might feel a need for surgery for the treatment will refer to the cardiac surgeon. The cardiac surgeon will review the medical reports and tests before recommending surgery. Then, based on the heart condition and the ailment, the surgery will be determined.

The non-invasive evaluation of the heart is a process used by cardiologists which are known as nuclear cardiology. It is often used to determine the diseases related to the coronary artery and the heart's pumping function. In addition, nuclear cardiology is associated with stress tests, exercise or medication.

If you are in Nizamabad, the best place to get any cardiac or cardiovascular treatment, even in an emergency, is at Medicover Hospital. We operate every day, round the clock, with the best cardiologists to treat a cardiac emergency.