Medicover Hospital

18-1-3, KGH Down Rd,
Besides Lepakshi Handicrafts,
Jagadamba Junction,
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530002



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Best Pediatrics Hospital in Vizag

The Center for Pediatrics Care at Medicover Hospitals, Vizag Woman and Child, provides a wide range of healthcare services for kids. The facility offers inpatient and outpatient services, and the outpatient services diagnose and treat various pediatric medical issues.
Our medical professionals have extensive experience in all areas of pediatric medicine. We constantly provide families with excellent pediatric care through accurate diagnosis, emotional support, and education about handling clinical issues relating to children, etc.
Being one of the best pediatric hospitals in Vizag, we aim to help children live happy, healthy lives by providing pediatric health services right from birth until the child becomes an adult. With extensive training and experience, our physicians are regarded as the top pediatricians in Vizag and they play an important role in a child's growth and development.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and treatment technology to diagnose, treat and cater to the small needs of children. Our hospital staff is available 24x7 to handle any pediatric emergencies.

Milestones Achieved in the Department

We have successfully managed and treated high-risk and MISC complicated cases and discharged the patient in stable condition. Performed complicated pediatric surgeries and congenital malformation cases.

Procedures/Treatment Options available

Subspecialties in pediatrics - Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, and Haematology services available. CSF analysis, VHF, Dengue, Pyogenic Meningitis, Phototherapy


  • Phototherapy
  • Ventilators
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Monitors


  • Pediatric ICU with Ventilators
  • pediatric imaging and multi-channel monitors.