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Dr. Garuda Rama

Dr. Garuda Rama


    Consultant Pediatrician

   Experience: 5+ years


Dr Garuda Rama is practising as Consultant Paediatrician in Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam. She is a qualified MBBS graduate and has done her Master of Doctorate in Paediatrics. Dr Garuda Rama is a member of Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health, London.
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Dr Sushil Parakh

Dr. S. Vijay Ganesh

   MS, Mch, FMAS, FIAGES, FEBPS (European Board)

   Consultant Pediatric Surgeon

   Experience: 8 years


Dr. S. Vijay Ganesh is a Licensed Paediatric Surgeon with around 8 years surgical experience and working at one of the top-rated medical facilities in the locality specialized in laparoscopic surgical procedures with an emphasis on advanced techniques excelling in high-stress environments. Focused on putting patients at ease and clearly diagnosing and resolving even the most difficult and challenging cases.
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Dr Anita Tripathy

Dr. Anita Tripathy

   MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), PGPN (Boston, Paediatric Nutrition)

   Consultant Paediatrician

   Experience: 25+ years


Dr. Anita Tripathy is a leading Paediatrician currently associated with Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam. Her specialization lies in General Paediatrics, Paediatric Medicine, and asthma care. Apart from being a member of the Indian Paediatric Association, Andhra Medical Council, Dr.Anita is committed to providing the best healthcare treatment for children. Dr.Anitas approach lies in performing diagnostic tests to obtain information about patients medical condition and administer therapies, medications, and vaccinations to treat illness, disorders and injuries. A part of being a pediatrician is not only dealing with the children but also dealing with the family.
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