Medicover Cancer Institute (MCI) Hyderabad is a renowned leader in patient care, serving patients from all over India. MCI is one of the most comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment institutions in the world. Oncologists specialize in managing treatments for people with early and advanced cancers. People with cancer seeking care at MCI Hyderabad access a full range of treatment options, including standard and clinical trial treatments.

Our oncologists collaborate with professionals from all departments to provide coordinated and integrated multidisciplinary care to persons with cancer of all forms. Our Cancer Center offers comprehensive cancer care that is backed up by internationally known research, as well as the most effective strategies for achieving long-term survival and improving patient quality of life.



Medical Oncology


Bone Marrow Transplant


Surgical Oncology


Minimally Invasive Oncology


Radiation Oncology


Pediatric Oncology




Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy


Nuclear Medicine - PET-CT


Pain and Palliative Care


Nuclear Therapeutics

Technology and Infrastructure:

umi-550-digital- pet-ct-medicover-hospitals

uMI 550 Digital PET-CT

The uMI 550 makes digital PET / CT accessible to everyone. Built with explorer PET technology inside, the uMI 550 enables clinical flexibility with digital technology that prevents obsolescence, has integrated 80-slice ultra-low noise digital light guide detectors, and can acquire a full-body scan on four beds. in five minutes.


Varian Halcyon Linac

Being first in South India The Varian Halcyon Linac system provides rapid, high-quality treatments while also providing the patients with the comfort and convenience they require. It has optimized image-guided radiation therapy with high-speed treatment which ensures patient safety, imaging, and treatment in just a few steps.

GM Plus Varian iX HDR Brachytherapy

GM Plus Varian iX HDR Brachytherapy

This system is an advanced image-based HDR Brachytherapy unit for treatment on a daycare basis, hence gives utmost comfort & ease to the patient.

Our Doctors


  • The oncology center started in 2018. It has South East Asia’s 1st 4D PET- CT Scan.
  • Medicover Cancer Institute in Hyderabad is a center of excellence for cancer treatment. The hospital offers comprehensive cancer care, including diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
  • Centre of excellence for Medical oncology and surgical oncology.
  • Advanced surgical interventions for cancer patients at all stages
  • It has the best Radiotherapy with a precision approach.
  • The hospital is armed with the best state-of-the-art technology for Radiotherapy.
  • Centre of Excellance for all Modalities of cancer treatment
  • State of Art Nuclear medicine department with iodine therapy, Gama Camera
  • Centre of excellence for targeted therapies and precision medicine