Cancer Screening Package for Female in Nashik

A cancer screening package at Medicover Hospitals, Nashik, for women is a set of tests designed to detect early signs of cancer in women. The cancer screening package for women typically includes an X-ray chest PA view, USG abdomen with the pelvis, serum creatinine & pap smear with oncology consultation. These tests are necessary to detect cancer in its earliest stages so it can be treated the most easily. Early cancer detection is critical as it increases the chances of successful treatment and survival. Regular cancer screening can help women stay on top of their health and catch cancer early. It is recommended that women undergo routine cancer screening starting from age 21 for cervical cancer and from age 40 for breast cancer. 

However, the frequency and timing of screening may vary depending on the woman's age, family history, and other risk factors. Therefore, Women should speak with their doctor when deciding on the best screening schedule. In conclusion, a women's cancer screening package is crucial for cancer prevention and early diagnosis, and women should benefit from it to safeguard their health and well-being. To choose the best screening plan for their requirements, women need to discuss their options for cancer screening with their healthcare professionals.

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Offer Price : 2000/- INR

Package Details

This package comprises 7 Investigations + 1 Specialist Consultation. For more details, view the package details here.


  •  CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  •  CUE (Complete Urine Examination)
  •  FBS (Fasting Blood Glucose)
  •  X-Ray Chest PA View
  •  USG Abdomen / Mammography
  •  Serum Creatinine
  •  HBA1C (Glycosylated Haemoglobin)
  •  PAP Smear


  • Oncology Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who should consider a cancer screening package for women?

Women with a family history of cancer, those with a history of cancer themselves, and those over 40 are recommended to undergo cancer screening.

2. Is a cancer screening package painful?

The screening tests in a cancer screening package for women may cause some discomfort, but they are generally not painful. Before the testing, women should speak with their doctor about any worries they may have.

3. Can a cancer screening package detect all types of cancer?

No, a cancer screening package for women cannot detect all types of cancer; however, it can detect the most common cancer types affecting women.

4. Is the cancer screening package available only to women over 40?

The Cancer Screening Package is largely advised for females over the age of 40, but earlier diagnosis may be necessary for females who have higher cancer risks, such as those with a family history of the disease.

5.What are the benefits of a cancer screening package for women?

The benefits of a cancer screening package for women include early detection of cancer, which can lead to successful treatment and improved survival rates.