Man with Severe Bullet Injuries from Yemen Saved at Medicover Hospitals, Hitech city

Jun 01 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, 25th May, 2022: A 35-year-old man who had a gunshot with multiple bullet injuries was treated by the doctors at Medicover Hospitals. The bullet had pierced the man’s chest and perforated the stomach, leading to intense blood loss and large gastric defects. He is now stable and has been discharged from the hospital, doctors said.

Once again, Medicover Hospitals has proved that our country's healthcare infrastructure is far superior and more advanced than ever. Dr Moka Praneeth with his team at Medicover Hospitals treated the man successfully with oesophagoduodenal stenting

This case is about a man from Yemen who had a gunshot wound and had been operated in Yemen but the wound was found to have dehisced, leading to further re-exploration and debridement of the left diaphragm region, colostomy site, and left side chest region. He was brought to India at Medicover Hospitals on April 23, 2022, complaining that the orally ingested food was noted to be coming out immediately from the left side chest wound and from the midline wound in the abdomen.

After completing all the necessary investigations at Medicover Hospitals, he was advised to avoid surgical options due to significant risk and to undergo a potential alternative option of endoscopic procedure, which was comparatively less risky. Furthermore, he underwent several endoscopic interventions.

Finally, on 4th May 2022, a day after the latest endoscopic stenting, the chest wound output and leak from the abdominal wound stopped completely. The patient was allowed oral liquids. After the wounds became dry, he was discharged on May 7th, 2022.

Medicover Hospitals, a leading multi-speciality hospital chain takes pride in being one of the best hospitals in India delivering such life-saving procedures supported by a team of highly experienced doctors, surgeons and latest technologies.