Medicover Hospitals organized “Walkathon”: An event to raise awareness on World No Tobacco Day 2022

Jun 02 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

HYDERABAD, 2nd June 2022: To commemorate World No Tobacco Day 2022, Medicover Hospitals organized a “Walkathon” event with the main objective of creating awareness among the people about the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use on people. The theme of the event was "Every time you take a puff, think of your family!" which was conducted on May 31st, 2022.

Medicover Hospitals never fail to shed light on prevailing health issues and the contributions we can do to raise awareness around it and encourage prevention. This time Medicover team came up with an emotional touch, explaining that smoking can take you away from your family.

The walk started at 7 am and was flagged off by Dr Raghukanth, Senior Interventional Pulmonologist. Nurses, staff and many of the Medicover team members participated in this walk, which commenced from Medicover Hospital Hi-tech City to Cyber Towers-Hitech City.

With the mission of making Hi-Tech a healthy city, Medicover Hospitals urges people to kick tobacco chewing and smoking habits and create awareness about oral and lung cancer on the occasion of “World No Tobacco” day.

Despite having the clear warning message "Smoking kills" on every cigarette packet, more than 99.5 million people in India currently smoke tobacco.
With each puff of a cigarette, the toxic chemicals of tobacco reach the lungs, heart, brain, and other vital organs, leading to many health consequences.

Tobacco use is not only harmful to people's health, but it also harms the family putting them in emotional, physical and financial distress.
Before taking one puff of tobacco, think twice!

Medicover Hospitals and the team took an admirable step in educating the Tech City about the life-threatening effects of smoked and smokeless tobacco.