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Inauguration of Oncology Services and Cancer Screening Camps at Medicover Vizag Unit

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Medicover Hospitals has inaugurated Oncology Services in its Vizag Unit. Cancer screening services is one of the first initiatives in prevention of this disease. The hospital will have all the comprehensive services pertaining to Oncology.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ramavath Dev, Chief Medical Oncologist, said “Cancer is one of the major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The cancer burden is increasing in many regions of India posing great challenges in its prevention and control. According to a report by the Indian Council for Medical Research on the ‘Burden of cancers in India’, seven cancers accounted for more than 40% of the total disease burden: lung (10.6%), breast (10.5%), oesophagus (5.8%), mouth (5.7%), stomach (5.2%), liver (4.6%) and cervix uteri (4.3%).”

Dr Karthik Chandra V, Chief Surgical Oncologist, talking about the minimally invasive approaches said “We now practice minimally invasive approaches like laparoscopy and robotic techniques in many cancers thus reducing morbidity and improving quality of life without compromising the outcomes. Newer radiation techniques have been developed to reduce the toxicity & hazards of RT.”

Dr. D.S.K Sahitya, Consultant Clinical Hematologist said “ In the present generation significant advancement in cancer treatment has been made over the last decade.. Great advancement has been made in molecular oncology and thus establishing targeted therapies in many cancers. Latest treatment options like targeted therapy, Immunotherapy have taken over traditional chemotherapy in many parts of the world.

Dr Mallikarjuna, IAS, District Collector and Magistrate said “Unlike in the past, cancer therapies have proven to save lives. Earlier detection being the mantra, the condition can be easily managed and overcome in the course of the treatment. Am happy Medicover Hospitals have taken the initiative to start the oncology services and also the cancer screening camps.

Dr Kottamuri Satish, Deputy Mayor-GVMC , has applauded medicover hospital for taking such great initiative to serve the poor people. He also inaugurated cancer screening programme & various cancer screening packages at medicover hospital.