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Dr Pramod Karbhari Gangurde

Dr Pramod Karbhari Gangurde

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon
  • Experience: 4+ Years
  • Timings: 10 AM - 4 PM

Because of its excellent infrastructure and latest facilities, Medicover Hospital's neurology department is recognized as one of the best hospitals in Sangamner for brain and spinal disorders. Our Neurologists are focused on delivering, preventing, and enhancing neurological care for all our patients. Medicover Hospitals has consistently set the standard for the highest quality medical services, with advanced operating rooms and equipment to provide excellence in neurological care.

Our neurology department at Sangamner has highly skilled and competent neurologists who have expertise in treating conditions such as Seizures, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Meningitis, Medulloblastoma, Dementia, Concussion, Chronic Headaches, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Hemorrhage, Autism, ADHD, Aneurysm, Alzheimer's Disease and so on. Our neurologists also carry out a variety of non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as genetic testing, sleep patterns testing, neuropsychological evaluations, motor unit number estimation, autonomic nervous system evaluation, High-speed CT imaging, emergency services, and comprehensive end-to-end support, including rehabilitation. Rehabilitation involves physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, among many others.

Our Medicover hospital is equipped with the latest instruments and technologies. Our neurologists have extensive knowledge and use conventional ways to treat complex illnesses with the utmost precision. They use modern X-ray machines, advanced ultrasound scans, ICU with a ventilator, a Fully Equipped Cath Lab for different Neuro Interventions, and an advanced OT setup to diagnose, treat, and prevent multiple neurological disorders. We offer care 24x7, and our medical staff is present to assist patients and take care of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose a Neurologist in Sangamner?

You can search our website for a Neurologist from the specialty section and select the location.

2. Which hospital is best for Neurological Conditions in Sangamner?

Medicover Hospital is the best for Neurological Conditionsin Sangamner.

3. Which hospital has the best Neurologists in Sangamner?

Medicover hospital has the best neurologists in Sangamner.

4. Whom should I consult for frequent Seizures?

You should consult a Neurologist if you experience frequent seizures.