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Ultrasound scan, or USG, is a medical imaging test that uses sound waves to generate images of organs inside the body. Ultrasound images help a doctor view the internal organs and diagnose various diseases and conditions.
It is also used to confirm pregnancy as well as to monitor the baby’s health in the womb during pregnancy.
Other names - Sonography, ultrasonography, diagnostic medical sonography, or USG.

USG or Ultrasound Test Cost in India

Test Type Medical imaging
Preparation Drink a lot of water to make your bladder full. Sometimes a fasting might be recommended
Report Same day
Ultrasound scan costs Rs.500 to Rs 2000 approximately
**Note- An ultrasound scan cost in India at different locations may vary

usg or ultrasound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the two main categories of ultrasound scan?

The two main categories of ultrasound scans are

  1. Diagnostic ultrasound
  2. Pregnancy ultrasound

2. Does an ultrasound scan use radiation?

No, the USG scan does not use any radiation

3. Is an ultrasound scan painful?

No, an ultrasound scan is a painless procedure.

4. How to prepare for a USG test?

Drink a lot of water till your bladder is full and do not go to loo until the procedure is over. If asked for fasting, follow the doctor’s instructions.

5. Are there any risks involved in ultrasonography?

There are no risks involved in ultrasonography. It is also safe for pregnant women

6. How long does an ultrasonography test take to complete?

The USG test takes approximately 30 - 60 minutes to complete

7. Can ultrasonography detect tumors in the body?

Ultrasonography assists doctors in looking for tumors inside the body that don't show up properly on x-rays.

8. What is the cost of an ultrasound scan in Hyderabad?

The cost of an ultrasound scan in Hyderabad varies from Rs. Rs.600 to Rs 1500 approximately.

9. What is a fetal ultrasound?

It is done during pregnancy to produce images of the unborn baby in the uterus.

10. Why is an abdomen ultrasound done?

An abdomen ultrasound is done to examine the organs inside the abdomen and detect any medical conditions or unusual findings