PET-CT Scan refers to Positron Emission Tomography - Computed Tomography Scan detects the starting signs of heart disease, brain disorder, and cancer. A small amount of injectable radioactive materials called radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals detect diseased cells.

To check the symptoms of various diseases such as cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, coronary artery disease, heart attack, and other heart problems this PET-CT scan is used. Even brain disorders like brain tumors, epilepsy, dementia, and Alzheimer's disorder will be detected through this test.

PET-CT Scan Cost in India

Test Type Imaging Test
Preparation Before the scan - stop exercising for 24 hours, follow a special diet for 12 to 24 hours, and never drink or eat anything except water for 6 hours prior to the scan. Seek specific instruction from the consulting doctor.
Report Within 24 to 48 hours.
PET-CT scan cost Rs. 10000 to Rs 35000 approximately.
**Note: PET-CT Scan test costs in India at different locations may vary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a PET-CT scan show all cancers?

It might not show all types of cancers. This PET-CT scan can show only solid tumors in the brain, prostate, thyroid, lungs, and cervix cancers. They might be read along with other test findings to confirm a cancer.

Can inflammation show on a PET-CT scan?

PET-CT scan highlights the high metabolic activity inside the body that need not be cancer. That can be an area of inflammation, infection, trauma, or surgery recently done.

What are the side effects of having a PET-CT scan?

The doctor will use iodized contrast dye, which causes side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache, itching, flushing, and mild rash. In some rare cases, a serious all-body allergic reaction called anaphylaxis may occur.

When is a PET-CT scan recommended?

You were recommended for this scan if you are suspected to have cancer based on your symptoms, physical exam, or other tests. It is also recommended to see the effectiveness of recent cancer treatment.

What food to avoid after a PET-CT scan?

Certain food to avoid after a PET-CT scan is

  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Dry beans
  • Fruit juices
  • Sugar, honey, desserts or candy
  • Starchy vegetables

How long does a PET-CT scan take?

It takes approximately 30 minutes.

Is a PET-CT scan painful?

PET-CT scan will not hurt or give you pain while performing scanning.

Do you feel sick after a PET-CT scan?

No, there will be no sickness after the PET-CT scan. You can do your routine work as usual.

How much water should you drink after the scan?

5 glasses of water you need to drink. Feeding mothers need to wait for 24 hours to resume breastfeeding

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