Child Health Check up Package in Karimnagar

Good health starts from a good foundation at a young age. As children get older, they generally require fewer mandatory and routine check-ups. But it’s a good idea to arrange health screenings to ensure that they’re growing and developing well. Regular health checks are essential for children of all age groups, not only if they have existing health conditions. Doctors can pick up potential health problems in seemingly healthy children and treat them before they get worse. They can also correct issues early before they are brought into adulthood. This way, children can start developing healthy habits such as eating well and being active, playing a role in preventing serious and costly health problems in the future. 

Child health checks should be scheduled as they get older to ensure they reach the developmental milestones. These visits also allow you to discuss any concerns you may have with the doctor, as well as what to expect as they grow into strong, independent young adults.

Tracking your child's health is just as important as monitoring their education. Pediatric consultation and tests are tailored to rule out anemia, infections, vitamin deficiencies critical to growth and development, detect inflammation, and many other conditions. This screening package for children provides a comprehensive assessment of their health.

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Offer Price : 600 INR

Package Details

This package comprises 4 Investigations + 2 Specialist Consultation. For more details, view the package details here. The package & the prices may vary based on location.


  •  CBP (Complete Blood Picture)
  •  Serum Calcium
  •  CUE (Complete Urine Examination)
  •  Blood Grouping and RH


  • Pediatric Consultation / General Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the tests and consultations included in the child health checkup at Karimnagar?

The tests for child health checkup are CBP, CUE, serum calcium, blood grouping, and RH. Pediatrician and dental consultations are also offered.

2. How many investigations and consultations are involved in the child health checkup package in Karimnagar?

There are 4 investigations and 2 specialist consultations involved in the child health package.

3. Can a blood test included in the child health check up package show infection?

Yes, blood tests do show infection in the body. A complete blood picture may indicate infections.

4. When should a child have a child health check up package?

A child should have a health check up once a year on a routine basis. Also, if the child is unwell or showing delayed physical and mental growth.

5. How to prepare a child for health checkup available at Karimnagar?

Let your child know before the scheduled appointment that they will be visiting the doctor to make sure that their body is healthy. Tell your child about the importance of the test and offer a treat or make a plan to do something fun together after the test. Specific preparations and tips will depend on your child's age and personality, as well as the type of test being performed.