Yoga Therapy: An upcoming World Cancer Day event at Medicover Cancer Institute

Jan 29 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

On The Occasion Of World Cancer Day

Hyderabad, 29th January, 2022: Medicover Cancer Institute, located at Hitech City, is all prepared to organize a “Yoga Therapy Session” on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2022. The event will be observed in the presence of esteemed guests, visitors, doctors and hospital staffs and would include other health activities too. The purpose of these events would be to encourage self-care among the cancer patients and the survivors putting an emphasis on the importance of physical activities and healthy lifestyle. The participants would also be issued free coupons for health check-ups and a complementary gift hamper.

The global cancer burden in increasing and there exists a gap in awareness, care, access to treatment and other crucial factors which increase the risk of undetected cases. Medicover Cancer Institute has been doing extensive work in the area to fill this gap through its awareness initiatives and cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior treatment outcomes. This year, adhering to the theme of “Close the Care Gap”, the hospital is organizing this event to close the gap that exists in the care of cancer survivors and patients.

Self-care is important for cancer patients during the treatment or even after a successful treatment. Yoga comes out as the most feasible option taking care of physical and mental health of the cancer patients who undergo a lot of trauma during their fight against cancer. Encouraging them to adapt yoga in the daily routine can go a long way in their care. Likewise, scheduled screening and health check-up is a must to keep a check on the condition for timely medical intervention.

Let’s make this event a success by taking active participation or by bringing your loved ones to attend the session. Taking smaller steps today can ensure a healthy tomorrow.

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