On the occasion of World Health Day, Medicover Hospitals organized a sapling plantation drive

Apr 06 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

On The Occasion Of World Cancer Day

Hyderabad, 6th April, 2022: Medicover Hospitals, known for delivering world-class healthcare services, celebrated World Health Day 2022, with a unique eco-friendly approach by organizing a sapling plantation drive. The event was attended by chief guests like Dr. Sarath Reddy, Clinical Director-Medicover Hospitals, Dr. Srikanth Reddy, Neuro & Spine Surgeon, Dr. Radhika, Gynecologist, Dr. Meenakshi and Dr. Navita Garu, Pediatrician & Neonatologist and about 100 other medical staff. All together about 300 seedlings were planted which marks the contribution towards a sustainable life.

On this occasion, Dr. Sarath Reddy, Clinical Director- Medicover Hospitals, said, “Health Day is celebrated around the world to create awareness about health. This year we are celebrating this Health Day with the slogan OUR PLANET - OUR HEALTH. We have organized this plant program with the sole purpose of creating a healthy and happy environment for our future generations to let them live a beautiful life and to raise awareness among the people towards the need to protect nature and the need to protect the environment. If our surroundings are green, we will breathe fresh air, which will improve our health. We are celebrating this day to show that health is great luck and development is possible only with a healthy society.”

Among other guests to express their views were Dr. Srikanth Reddy-Neuro & Spine Surgeon who said, “We are working hard to boost our immune system with the fear of Covid, still following the rules of the corona, yet Covid makes its impact around the world without a squint on the eye.” He further expressed, “people should be careful in such situations and take special care of health. It is our responsibility to ensure that people do not fall prey to various diseases, to coordinate on health issues in times of emergency, to overcome changes in the environment, and be dedicated towards our health. No one will come and do something to protect our health. It’s our health and we have to protect it, we have to take care of it ourselves.”

Dr. Radhika says also expressed her views and said that the most important and crucial part of health care is our lifestyle. Good diet, weight control, regular exercise and peace of mind are all necessary for us to stay healthy. Exercise also does not require big goals and requires small efforts every day. It's enough to start slowly and gradually develop the habit for a healthier life. Everyone must adhere to building a world of equal, better health.

The event was attended by Dr Rakesh, Chief Medical Officer, Medicover Hospitals and Mata Prasad, Anil Center Head.

These efforts by Medicover is really commendable as they not only throw light on their medical excellence but also towards their approach for prevention and awareness generation. We wish these saplings grow into shady trees and plants reflecting life and spirit.