Miracle Triplet Babies Survive All Odds At Medicover Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

Sep 16 2020 | Medicover Hospitals | Visakhapatnam

Miraculous triplet babies born with extreme prematurity survived all odds stacked against them. Mother had her triplet babies (conceived through IVF at Srikakulam) were born at 27 weeks gestation with weights of 700 gms, 950 gms, and 975 gms. She had a rupture of membranes and pregnancy could not be continued. After delivery babies were referred to Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore of Medicover Hospital for neonatology support. The chances of survival for such micro premies are minimal at best even by western standards. The Dr says survival is only possible with round the clock care and state of the art infrastructure.

It was IVF conception and a very precious pregnancy; Due to the rupture of membranes, the triplets were born weights of 700 gms, 950 gms, and 975 gms. Babies were in an extremely critical state, “The lungs and other organs were functionally so immature, the development was stunted, they were prone to severe infections and had extremely low immunity. Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore added this has been one of the most complicated cases he has handled, the baby required ventilation & noninvasive respiratory support, intravenous nutrition for 3 weeks, and extremely gentle and aseptic care to ensure proper development.

The babies were discharged in a healthy condition, taking feeds well, with normal vision and normal brain function. These babies survived despite all odds. Considering the sensitivity with which the treatment had to be given, triplet babies are now being considered as a true miracle for the family. Mrs. Jayalaxmi said it was the doctor’s continuous reassurance and his positivity that held their hope through 2 very tough months. Parents are now extremely happy with their babies. Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore added with God’s grace and excellent clinical care we could save both the babies. This is due to round the clock team of Neonatologists Dr. Sunil, Dr. Vijay, and Dr. Indu, we could manage such small babies. With the advances in technology and medical care, such micro premies can be saved, with normal outcomes.

The family understands that the baby needs regular Doctor to follow up for the next 2 years and any illness will cause serious worry to the family for a while, but the family is ready to face all these challenges now that they have a healthy miracle baby to look towards at the end of the day.