A Near-Miracle Surgery: Hands cut-off in an accident, restored at Medicover Hospitals!

Jun 15 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

World Liver Day 2022

HYDERABAD, 14th June 2022: Mr. Ketaram, 18yrs of age who chopped off his palm from the wrist with a sharp aluminium cutting machine, got back his hand after a complex 5-hour surgery done at Medicover Hospitals

On 4th June,2022, the patient was rushed to the emergency medicine department with his cut hand preserved in ice packs and surgery was performed after a time-lapse.

Dr. R. Suneel, Consultant Hand, Wrist, Peripheral nerve & Brachial plexus Surgeon & Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, and his team operated upon the patient for 5 hours which involved microsurgical repair of all injured structures of the hand and used Vein Grafts to re-establish blood flow from his hand to the amputated part of the palm which was successfully reattached to his hand.

Ketaram had an uneventful post-operative period. For 5 days, he was monitored closely and was on medications to avoid complications and to maintain good blood flow. He also needed multiple blood transfusions. Fortunately for him, he complained of no complications and was discharged after 5 days in a stable condition with a viable hand. He is advised to have regular follow-ups.

“Adequate use of protective equipment and education of workers about do's and don'ts while working with machinery can prevent such devastating injuries and in the event of such unfortunate injuries, proper preservation and transportation of severed parts will improve the chances of success of surgery.” said Dr R. Suneel, Medicover Hospitals.

This is a near-miracle experience for Ketaram who was in immense pain and lost hope on regaining his palm back. The doctors at Medicover hospital have displayed their surgical excellence by attempting and successfully achieving the re-union of cut-off body part which is a rare kind of surgery.


Medicover Doctors restore a boy’s cut off hand! - English (ntvenglish.com)

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