Medicover Hospitals completes 102 kidney transplants in a year

March 03 2022 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

Medicover Hospitals completes 102 kidney transplants in a year

Medicover Hospitals celebrates its achievement of completing 102 kidney transplants in a year. This increase in the number of kidney transplantation, amidst the pandemic, defines the quality of care provided at Medicover and its excellence in Kidney Transplants. The hospital, equipped with the latest tools and techniques totally believes in transforming lives and healing patients.

Dr. Kamal Kiran, Director Head of Nephrology, Medicover Hospitals informed that India requires 10 lakh transplants per year, but only 12,000 are currently happening. Dr. KVR Prasad, a senior urologist, and kidney transplant surgeon stated that "living on hemodialysis is difficult for patients and for their families as well." A suitable kidney donor can give a person a new life and the majority of the time, a suitable donor is available within the family ". However, the modern developments in medical science now bring new surgeries and procedures like Live donor transplants, Cadaver transplants, Swab transplants, etc. to maximize the survival rate of patients.

On March 10, 2022, Medicover Hospitals is celebrating World Kidney Day to raise awareness about kidney diseases, their cure, transplantation benefits, and the most recent scientific developments. Senior urologists Dr. A V Ravi Kumar, Dr. K V R Prasad, and Dr. Koushik Sharma will address the occasion and provide insightful information.

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