Jaw reconstruction at Medicover Hospitals,Hyderabad

Nov 12 2021 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

Dr. C. Sharath Babu, Head of Prosthodontist & Dental Implantologist Department, Medicover Hospitals- Madhapur said that many people have contracted mucormycosis (black fungus) due to the COVID pandemic. In two Telugu states, over 1600 people got infected with Mucormycosis (Black Fungus). This black fungus is more common in the eyes, brain, and mouth. Many of its victims had to remove their eyes and jaws. Some of these cases of rhino maxillary mycorrhizal infection are highly contagious in the upper jaw (cheekbones, palate, the base of the eye, soft tissue, etc.)

Dr. C. Sharath Babu spoke in a meeting organized for Dentists at Medicover Hospitals about the two patients of 40 years old from Vijayawada who were rushed to Madhapur Medicover Hospitals. One was a professional priest, the other a professional LIC agent, and both got COVID infected. After recovering from COVID, the two got infected with mucormycosis (Black Fungus). The upper jaw and teeth have been removed after both are thoroughly examined. If not, their lives are in danger. By rebuilding the jaw and putting the teeth, they can talk and drink with no hassle.

Patients who agreed to it had their upper jaw removed. Three months after the removal, the reconstruction process began. This total process will be completed in three stages. They have been designed and prepared, 3D Milling Titanium Implant Plates with the Benefit of the First 3D CT Facial Bone Reconstruction. These are specifically the reconstruction of the prosthetic function of plates, co-lost structures with teeth. This will ensure that the patient has no difficulty in eating and drinking and there will be no trouble in their day-to-day work. Medicover Hospitals offer quality dental treatment to such patients and cure the disease completely. The dentists of Medicover Hospitals and the staff attended the event.