Increase In Non-Covid Deaths,Medicover Hospitals,Hyderabad

May 3 2020 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

As Coronavirus Surges, Non-COVID Medical Emergencies Take A Back Seat, Putting Patients at Risk

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, medical emergencies unrelated to COVID-19 still occur. Golden hour Treatment remains the Top priority for all the patients. There is 60% drop down in emergency patient footfall in all private hospitals. Patients of Acute Myocardial infarction, Acute Stroke and Sepsis & Septic shock are afraid to visit the Emergency department due to fear of corona transmission from hospitals.
In a recent interview Dr. Sateesh Kumar Kailasam, Head of Emergency Medicine,Medicover Hospitals, said “Now it’s very disturbing as lives are lost due to fear.”A 32-year old engineer had tingling sensation his arms continuously for three days. His family took him to the hospital only after he went through a paralytic stroke. Similarly, a 45-year old male with low sugar levels instead of visiting the hospital has consulted a doctor on phone and hasn’t followed up after which had a heart attack a few days later.
According to statistical reports there is less than 3% deaths in Telangana due to corona. More than the damage caused by Corona it’s the fear that has led to a greater number of brought dead cases in the hospitals. Patients are either coming after the window periods or when they became very sick and sometimes even brought dead. The number of brought deaths in private hospitals are raised by 45%.

The fears of going to the hospital are due to various factors such as reluctance of ambulance drivers to ferry patients, police questioning along with fear of coronavirus-strained emergency rooms which is making delays in seeking emergency help. There are well set up hospital protocols, screenings and other safety measures followed in treating both existing and new patients. We request the Common public especially patients with exiting medical issues, DO NOT hesitate to visit the Emergency when needed. Ultimately doctors fear a spike in deaths unrelated to the coronavirus as patients delay getting care for life-threatening conditions.For further insights please watch the following video.