Alcohol – The New Age Liver Killer

August 13 2019 Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

The team of Gastroenterology at Medicover Hospitals( Formerly MaxCure) has seen a rise in the number of young patients visiting due to liver problems. All these liver diseases are due to excessive intake of alcohol. Taking alcohol has become a risky fashion. Almost a year ago, a 30-year-old patient Varun along with his wife visited Medicover following yellowish discoloration of his eyes. After a series of tests, it was diagnosed that he was suffering from liver cirrhosis due to his habit of alcohol. Though he was in regular medication and follow-ups, there was no progress. He ended up in the emergency ward with a swollen body and yellow eyes. He had to undergo a liver transplant and with the help of doctors and the treatment he received, he is doing good now.

Speaking at the press meet, Dr. Asha Subbalakshmi, Sr. Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Medicover said, “Alcohol is metabolized through liver, hence its toxicity over years play important role in liver diseases. With the help of counselling, de-addiction and rehabilitation, their liver can get back to normal. But, this young generation generally ignores all the warnings causing disease progression. With Varun, we tried our best to help him with Medication. But nothing worked. His condition was worsening really fast and it would have been difficult to save his live.

Dr. Madhusudhan – Surgical Gastroenterologist and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Medicover says, “We found that Varun had decompensated cirrhosis of the liver with a MELD score of 38 (model for end stage liver disease calculated for all patients with cirrhosis) he was started on all supports. Liver transplant was the only option for him. He was lucky enough to get a donor early enough. Our anesthesia team under supervision of Dr. RR Reddy was very supportive helped us through the surgery. Now, just 2 weeks’ post-surgery,Varun is able to live a normal life. It’s very important that we understand the damages of alcohol and the consequences due to heavy drinking. Always better stop alcohol consumption or atleast try to minimize it to the bare minimum possible. Liver diseases can present itself as decompensated chronic liver disease or acute damage due to alcohol. Sadly, liver diseases don’t show any signs or symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage. we are very much thankful to the donor family who saved this young person living in spite of deep grief of the sudden loss of their young son. The team of doctors who performed the surgery includes Dr.Ashasubbalakshmi, Dr. Madhusudhan, Dr. phani, Dr. Vinodh, Dr. RR Reddy, Dr.Sunitha, Dr.raghu, Dr.samhit.