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Best Pathology Hospital in Navi mumbai

Pathology at Medicover hospital, Navi Mumbai, has a modernized pathology laboratory that is fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment to execute the most advanced and complex diagnostic procedures. Due to our efficient laboratory services, we can perform diagnostic tests and provide in-depth knowledge about patients' problems quickly. Our Pathology department has top pathologists and clinical laboratory technicians who are well-qualified and trained to provide patients with the best pathology services. They use various pathological testing such as blood tests, urine tests, stool tests, nasal swab tests, throat swab tests, biopsies, blood cholesterol tests, kidney function tests, lipid profile tests, LFT (liver function test), pulmonary function tests, T3 T4, and other tests to detect different illnesses. To give accurate test results on time, we are fully equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment with high-end technology, scanners, advanced machines, a Bio-Chemistry analyzer, CBP (Complete blood picture), Centrifuge, ABG ( Arterial blood gas), MRI scan, CT Scan, Computerized Radiography, Ultrasound scan, X-ray, and so on.

Milestones achieved in the Department.

Fully equipped LAB with highly experienced professionals deals with multi-specialties and oncology units.

Procedures/Treatment Options available

Excellent surgical techniques for all brain tumors, with an emphasis on-

  • All blood
  • urine investigations
  • fluid analysis
  • PAP smears
  • FNACs
  • Endoscopic-assisted FNACs
  • Bone marrow aspirations.

Technologies & Equipments

  • Bio-Chemistry analyzer
  • CBP
  • Centrifuge
  • ABG( Arterial blood gas )


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