MRI Scan Cost In India

MRI scan cost in India depends on various factors which include; the location, the body part which is being scanned, and what type of scan is prescribed by the doctor i.e, either plain or with contrast.
MRI is an acronym of Magnetic Resonance Image, a type of scan that produces detailed images of various organs of the body. It uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to visualize the organs, tissues and structures inside the body.
Unlike the other diagnostic imaging investigations, an MRI can precisely show the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve roots and cartilage. Since an MRI does not use X-rays to create the images, no radiation risks are associated with it.

The images from an MRI scan help to

  • diagnose a variety of conditions, right from torn ligaments to tumours and internal injuries
  • guides to make treatment plans
  • assess the effectiveness of previous treatments

How does an MRI scan work?

As mentioned earlier, MRI scan uses strong magnetic fields to create the images. These magnetic fields are produced by the powerful magnets present in the MRI scanner. When a person is exposed to these magnetic fields during the scan, they attract the hydrogen protons in the body.
Since the human body comprises 70% of water, the hydrogen protons present in the water molecules, which are found in all types of tissues; respond to the magnetic field and align with it.
As MRI also uses radio waves, when these waves are sent to certain parts of the body, the protons stimulate and spin out of the equilibrium, getting away from the magnetic field. Once the radio waves are turned off, the protons get realigned. This sends out the radio signals, which are collected by the receivers.
By combining these signals received from the millions of the protons in the body, a detailed image is created.

MRI Scan Cost in Hyderabad

MRI Scan Type Cost Details
MRI Scan Brain Plain Rs.10,725
Plain With Contrast Rs. 14,300
MRI Scan Chest Plain Rs. 10,725
Plain With Contrast Rs. 14,300
MRI Scan Breast Plain Rs. 10,725
Plain With Contrast Rs. 14,300
MRI Scan Cervical Spine Rs. 10,725
MRI Scan Knee Rs. 10,725

Uses of MRI Scan:

MRI scan is an advanced technology and always has an expanding scope and uses in the field of medicine.

Some of the major uses of MRI scan are listed below:

  • abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord
  • presence of masses, tumors, cysts and other anomalies in various parts of the body
  • injuries in the bones, joints, such as the back and knee
  • certain conditions related to heart, liver and other organs in the abdomen
  • screening for breast cancer in women, who are at high risk
  • diagnosis of conditions regarding pelvic pain in women such as fibroids and endometriosis
  • evaluation of suspected urine abnormalities in women in case of infertility

Procedure of MRI Scan:

Prior to the scan, the patient will be kept on certain dietary restrictions. And he/she can take the daily medications as usual, unless they are instructed otherwise.
The patient needs to change the dress and wear a hospital gown. Also, wearing jewellery or metal fastenings are not allowed during the scan.
Finally, MRI scan is a non-invasive and painless procedure. And the duration can vary from 15minutes to one hour or more depending on the size of the body part that is being scanned and how many images need to be taken.

The steps during an MRI scan includes, as follows:

  • The patient will be instructed to lie down on a movable table that slides into the opening of a long narrow tube like structure.
  • A technologist monitors the patient from another room and communicates through a microphone to him/her comfortable.
  • When the magnetic scanner inside the MRI machine produces a magnetic field, repetitive tapping and other noises would be audible. To block the noise, the patient will be provided with the earplugs.
  • If an MRI with contrast is prescribed; an IV (Intravenous) catheter would be inserted into a vein in the hand or arm to inject the contrast material.
  • The patient would be asked to stay still in order to avoid blur or unclear images.
  • Once the desired number of images are taken, the patient may leave the hospital.

Who should not get an MRI Scan?

Though MRI scan is a safe procedure, some people are not advised to get the scan or with extra safety measures. Those include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Persons with metal implants in their body such as pacemakers, clips used to treat brain aneurysms, artificial joints or certain metal coils placed in blood vessels, etc.
  • Also, women who are breastfeeding should inform the medical staff before getting the scan
  • People with claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). These persons may find it uncomfortable during the scan, hence they can be given anesthesia to ease their discomfort if they couldn’t manage.

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