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Dr SK Mehabunnisa

Dr SK Mehabunnisa

   MBBS, MD Nuclear Medicine ( SVIMS), RSO

   Consultant Nuclear Medicine

   Experience: 6+ Years

   Location: Kakinada

Dr Mehabunnisa is one of the best Nuclear Medicine Physicians at Medicover Hospitals Kakinada. She is having more than 6 years of experience in the field of Nuclear medicine.
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Dr Prudhviraj Masapu

Dr Prudhviraj Masapu

   MBBS, MD Radiation Oncology

   Consultant Oncologist

   Experience: 3+ Years

   Location: Kakinada

Dr Prudhviraj Masapu is a distinguished oncologist with experience as a consultant and HOD of the Radiation Oncology Department in Surya Global Hospital & treated more than 2000 cancer patients, with extreme care and precision. His expertise in High Precision Radiotherapy-IMRT; IGRT; VMAT (Specialised Arc therapy), Stereotaxy, Radiosurgery, Stereotactic body radiotherapy.
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