Best General Surgeons in Vizianagaram

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Dr K Tirumala Prasad

Dr K Tirumala Prasad

HOD & Chief Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon
  • Experience: 30+ Years
  • Timings: 10 AM - 4 PM
Dr Chukka Sanyasi Naidu

Dr Chukka Sanyasi Naidu

Consultant General Surgeon
  • Experience: 3+ Years
  • Timings: 10 AM - 4 PM

General surgeons at Medicover Hospitals, Vizianagaram are focused on delivering comprehensive care for surgical ailments and emergencies. Apart from treating minor swellings, each surgeon staffed at Medicover Hospital is adept at complex abdominal surgeries, hernia surgeries and trauma cases. Most abdominal surgeries are performed through laparoscopy (keyhole surgery). To ensure a seamless experience to our patients, Medicover Hospital has state of the art operation theaters equipped with the latest technology to back our team of highly skilled surgeons, trained nurses and technicians.

General surgeons provide expert diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment for complex and routine conditions. All surgical procedures are done under the guidance of experienced surgeons. General surgeons provide 24-hour cover for all the surgical emergencies presented to the emergency department of the Medicover Hospital, Vizianagaram and are available for cross consultation from other departments both for in-patients as well as out-patients. General surgeons perform laparoscopic surgery which is also known as key-hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery. This surgical technique requires precision, skill and experience. Patients receive specialized assessment, latest treatments along with clinical post-operative care and a regular follow-up.

General surgeons at Medicover Hospital, Vizianagaram covers all aspects of surgery that affect the body, and life-saving procedures. They work in close collaboration with other specialists to deliver timely surgical intervention and prevent complex conditions. Their updated clinical knowledge and technical proficiency of procedures, help to tackle even the most uncommon and complex operations. Advanced technologies and high-tech instrumentation combined with minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques form the basis of treatment procedures at Medicover Hospitals, Vizianagaram. The Medicover hospital, Vizianagaram is known for its quality treatment outcomes in surgical procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best hospital for general surgery in Vizianagaram?

Medicover Hospitals is the best hospital for providing all types of surgeries by skilled surgeons using cutting-edge technologies in Vizianagaram.

2. Who is the best doctor for surgeries in Vizianagaram?

General surgeons at Medicover Hospital are the best doctors for surgeries in Vizianagaram.

3. Can general surgeons perform hemorrhoidectomy?

Yes. General surgeons can perform hemorrhoidectomy.

4. How do I choose a general surgeon in Vizianagaram?

You can search for your nearest general surgeon and then filter them out based on years of experience and other factors. However, you can find the best general surgeon in Vizianagaram at Medicover Hospitals with a proven track record.