Arthritis Test

Arthritis is characterized by swelling and discomfort in one or more joints. The most common symptoms are joint pain and stiffness, both of which worsen with age. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common types of arthritis.

Tests for arthritis include a few blood tests to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis and imaging tests to evaluate the status of the bones and joints, identify joint abnormalities and measure the bone deterioration in osteoarthritis.

Arthritis Test Details

Blood Tests Imaging Test
1) Test for genetic marker called Human Leukocyte Antigen which is mostly present in RA patients. 1) X-Ray to check for the status of bones and joints and the damage caused due to osteoarthritis.
2) Test for ESR and C-reactive protein 2) Ultrasound to examine the quality and volume of synovial tissue, tendon, ligament and bones
3) Test for RF factor in the blood
4) Anti-CCP test to check for the presence and severity of rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis Test Cost in India

Test Type Blood Tests and imaging
Preparation Your physician might advise you to stop taking any other medications that you are currently taking. RF test does not require any fasting.Other blood tests might require fasting.
Report Within two or three days.
Arthritis test costs in Hyderabad Rs.500 to Rs.1500 approximately.
Arthritis test costs in Vizag Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately.
Arthritis test costs in Nasik Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Aurangabad Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Nellore Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Chandanagar Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Srikakulam Rs. 400 to Rs. 1000 approximately.
Arthritis test costs in Sangamner Rs. 400 to Rs. 1300 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Kurnool Rs. 450 to Rs. 800 approximately
Arthritis test costs in Kakinada Rs. 400 to Rs. 1200 approximately

Arthritis Levels

The test cost also depends on how many tests are recommended for you and whether blood tests and imaging tests are suggested together.

Arthritis test costs in India may vary at different locations.

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Normal Arthritis Levels

The test results for arthritis blood tests vary from person to person based on the severity.

Normal RF value: 0-14 IU/ml

Clinically correlated: Above 14 IU/ml

RF value alone cannot confirm RA and it should always be correlated with other test findings to make a final diagnosis.

For any abnormal value, you must consult a doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arthritis early warning indicators include:

  • Joint stiffness in the morning.
  • Swelling of the joints.
  • Fever.
  • Tingling and numbness.
  • Chronic exhaustion.

You can get the blood sample collected at home for Arthritis test however, performing the test at home is not possible. However, you can do a physical examination yourself to check for the symptoms.

Arthritis is mostly painful at joints with mild, moderate and severe pain coming off and on.

It usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 60.

One of the most frequent types of arthritis is OA, which is caused by normal wear and tear of the bones and ligaments.

This may manifest as a dull discomfort or a scorching feeling.

Your arthritis cannot be reversed.

Because of its image sensor, it is the most accurate imaging technique for diagnosing arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

NSAIDs are the most effective oral OA medications. Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve), and diclofenac are among them (Voltaren, others).

Exercise can help alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness.


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