Level 1 Cardiac Emergency Care Centre Inaugurated At Medicover Hospitals, Hyderabad

Oct 24 2021 | Medicover Hospitals | Hyderabad

A unique initiative to reduce sudden cardiac deaths through cardiac excellence.A Level 1 cardiac Emergency Care Centre was inaugurated at Medicover Hospitals, Hi-Tec City on Friday.

The facility was launched to reduce the rate of sudden deaths in acute heart stroke situations. The hospital management said that the new facility is expected to increase the survival rate of patients suffering from severe cardiac crises by at least 80%. The goal of the level one cardiac emergency care facility is to reduce the number of people who die suddenly from acute heart stroke.
Heart treatments will be provided 24*7, with on-site heart pumps, mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices, and cardiac expert teams.Explaining about the facility, the hospital authorities said healthcare institutions, depending on the infrastructure of the facility and available human resources, are divided into three levels of cardiac emergency care – Level 1 center means 24×7 primary PCI (emergency angiogram followed by the opening of the blood vessel with or without stent) facility, on-site Impella, and mechanical circulatory support (MCS) devices and round-the-clock MCS team.
Similarly, Level 2 center would have a 24×7 primary PCI facility without MCS devices or MCS team and Level 3 center supports medical care only, without 24×7 primary PCI or MCS devices or team.

Acute heart stroke patients are hemodynamically unstable (low blood pressure or severe pump failure of the left heart) by the time they reach the emergency room. Conventional methods of treatment in these patients improve outcomes. However, mortality rates are very high despite available treatment – 50-90%, depending on the institution's capability. With the advancements in circulatory support systems and 24×7 availability of MCS teams along with interventional cardiologists, outcomes can drastically be changed leading to 82% survival as per the available data.
Dr. Anil Krishna, Senior Interventional cardiologist and Chairman of Medicover Hospitals said, “The treatment team can help you have the best chance of surviving and recovering from this critical diagnosis by quickly assessing you and starting therapy.” Senior interventional cardiologist and director of Medicover Group Dr. Sharath Reddy added that Medicover embraces every innovation, which changes outcomes even in a fraction of our patients.

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