Kidney Surgery By Advanced Laser, Treated At Medicover Hospitals

March 20 2021 | Medicover Hospitals | Kurnool

Patient called Khurshid Basha, 26 years old, was diagnosed with 4 cm diameter stones in kidneys.

Khurshid Basha has been suffering from severe abdominal pain for the last 2 years due to the presence of 4 cm diameter stones. Initially, he ignored the disease, but due to severe pain, he consulted several hospitals where keyhole surgery (PCNL) was recommended. But due to fear of bleeding in keyhole surgery, the patient did not opt for keyhole surgery, Because of the pain, the patient was unable to concentrate on his work and he was depressed. Eventually, he arrived at Medicover Hospitals in Kurnool and met Dr Abdul Samad, a consultant urologist. A very large stone was completely removed by laser treatment without any keyhole, piercings, and any bleeding. The patient was very happy and was discharged a week ago.

In India, such large stones are commonly found in patients. These can be removed by open surgery. Most of the open surgeries cause bleeding and scars. But, Medicover Hospitals did it without any hole, scar or bleeding with the help of Laser treatment procedure and Expertise doctors .The patient came to Medicover 1 month ago, laser stone surgery was done in two sessions with a gap of 2 weeks. The procedure lasts for 2 hours per session. The patient is able to resume his activities the next day without any pain or stitches. The patient was happy and came out of his depression after the surgery and was doing all his activities without the help of others.