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Best Medical Gastroenterology Hospital in Hyderabad

The digestive system is an important part of our body that assists us in consuming, processing, and absorbing the nutrition we require to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Any issues that affect any part of this system and impede the digestive process can result in a number of health complications. Our team of doctors and specialists provide the exceptional care and treatment required to restore the digestive system.

The Department of Medical Gastroenterology at Medicover Hospital specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of digestive tract and liver disorders, using medicines and minimally invasive interventions. Common gastro conditions are commonly observed in the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon.

Medicover hospital provides world class facilities including the latest endoscopic equipment and minimally invasive techniques along with a team of the best gastroenterologists. Our eminent team of Gastroenterology doctors has expertise in performing procedures that include upper endoscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, colonoscopy, small bowel enteroscopy and endoscopic ultrasonography, making Medicover the best Gastroenterology hospital for providing successful clinical outcomes.

Milestones achieved in the Medical Gastroenterology Department

  • Performing more than 600 endoscopy and colonoscopy diagnostic and therapeutic procedures per month, including ERCPs and EUS guided procedures, metal stents etc.
  • 300+ ERCPs every year

Facilities of Medical Gastroenterology Department

  • Endoscopy suites and OT facility
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Endoscopic ultrasound
  • Advanced HD Laparoscopy systems
  • 24-hour pH metry
  • Hydrogen breath test
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Endosonography
  • Manometry
  • Dedicated Gastro OTs with modular, laminar flow

Technologies & Equipment in Medical Gastroenterology Department

  • 190 series endoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • ERCP
  • Endosono set
  • Manometry
  • C-arm

Procedures and Treatment Options of Medical Gastroenterology Department

  • Biliary Metal Stents 3
  • Polypectomy Cath-Ii
  • Metal Stenting Esophageal
  • Eus
  • Sigmoidoscopy In Hbv/Hcv/Hiv
  • Peg Tube Exchange
  • Biliary Stricture Dilatation
  • Polypectomy Single
  • Esophageal Cre Balloon Dilatation
  • Pediatric Colonoscopy
  • Est
  • Sems Placement
  • Ryles Tube Placement
  • Eus+Cyst/Procedure Charge
  • Eus Screening
  • Hot Biopsy(Multiple)
  • Ercp Cat - I (Diagnostics)
  • Ercp Cat-Ii
  • Eus Therapeutic
  • Eus Fna
  • Eus Linear
  • Esophageal Sems Placement
  • Pediatric Endoscopy
  • Ercp+Stone Extraction
  • Metal Stenting Pyloric
  • Esophageal Achalasia Balloon Dilation
  • Savary Gilliard Dilatation
  • Eus Diagnostics
  • Cbd Stricture Dilation
  • Polypectomy- Multiple - Cat - I
  • Endoscopy Guided Ryles Tube Insertion
  • Polypectomy-Multiple-Cat-Ii
  • Endoscopy Sclerotherapy
  • Endoscopic Polypectomy - Multiple - Therapeutic
  • Endoscopic Hemoclip
  • Endoscopic Polypectomy - Therapeutic
  • Ercp
  • Endoscopic Polypectomy - Therapeutic Under Ga
  • Endoscopic NasoJejunal Tube Placement - Therapeutic
  • Endoscopic Esophageal Dilatation - (Therapeutic Uner Ga)
  • Endoscopic Esophageal Dilatation -Therapeutic
  • Ercp+Stenting (Cbd) Wash
  • Endoscopic Peg Tube Placement - Therapeutic Under Ga
  • Endoscopic Sphincterotomy
  • Endoscopic Colonic Balloon Dilatation - (Therapeutic Under Ga)
  • Endoscopic Hemorrhoidal Banding - Therapeutic
  • Esophageal Cre Balloon Dilatation Under Ga
  • Argon Plasma Coagulation(Apc) Single
  • Endoscopic Emergency Glue Injection
  • Endoscopic Pyloric Balloon Dilatation - Therapeutic Under Ga
  • Endoscopy - Bed Side
  • Endoscopic Banding
  • Colonoscopic Sclerotherapy
  • Cbd Stricture Dilatation
  • Stone Extraction
  • Ercp Plus Balloon Sweep
  • Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal - Therapeutic
  • Nj Feeding Tube Placed Under Endoscopic Guidance
  • Endoscopic Esophageal Variceal Ligation (Evl) - Therapeutic
  • Savary Gilliard Dilatation Under Ga
  • Endoscopic Stent Removal
  • Colonoscopic Hemoclip
  • Endoscopy Ugi
  • Endoscopy Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilatation Under Ga
  • Esophageal Stricture Dilation
  • Esophageal Stenting
  • Cbd Cannulation
  • Endoscopy UltraSonography
  • Pyloric Balloon Dilatation
  • Cbd Stenting
  • Ercp Sphincterotomy
  • Cre Dilation
  • Balloon Sweep
  • Percutaneous Drainage Of Perinephric Abscess - Ultrasound Guided
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Balloon Dilatation Of Papilla
  • Ercp Stent Removal
  • Cbd Stone Extraction
  • Endoscopy Biopsy Procedure
  • Colonoscopy Biopsy Procedure
  • Evl Anesthesia
  • Pediatric Colonoscopy Anesthesia Charges
  • Pyloric/Colonic Balloon Dilatation
  • Endoscopic Balloon Placement
  • Gastroscopy And Apc Major
  • Gastroscopy And Ulcer Haemostasis
  • Gastroscopy And Variceal Ligation
  • Gastroscopy And Variceal Sclerotherapy
  • Ercp And Precut Sphincterotomy
  • Ercp Diagnostic And Biopsy
  • Variceal Glue Injection
  • Gastroscopy And Mucosectomy
  • Endosonography Guided Injection Therapy
  • Enteroscopy Anterograde / Retrograde
  • Dilatation Achalasia
  • Gastrostomy Percutaneous Endoscopic
  • Stent Placement Gastroduodenal
  • Stent Placement Rectal / Colonic
  • Stenting Colonic / Enteral / Pyloric
  • Volvulus Sigmoid Untwist
  • Gastroscopy And Metal Stent Placement
  • Endosonography Guided Metal Stent Biliary
  • Ercp And Biliary /Pancreatic Stenting
  • Ercp And Biliary/Pancreatic Sphincterotomy
  • Ercp And Sems Placement
  • Ercp And Stone Removal
  • Ercp, Minor Duct Sphincterotomy And Stenting
  • Ercp, Sphincterotomy And Nbd Placement
  • Biopsy + Laser Excision
  • Biopsy + Laser Fulguration
  • Ampullectomy
  • Colonoscopy And Balloon Dilatation Of Stricture
  • Colonoscopy And Polypectomy
  • Gastroscopy And Apc Minor
  • Gastroscopy And Balloon Dilatation
  • Gastroscopy And Bougie Dilatation With Carm
  • Gastroscopy And Polypectomy
  • Colonoscopy And Haemostasis
  • Colonoscopy And Multiple Polypectomy.
  • Endoscopic Clipping
  • Endoscopic Injection Therapy
  • Esophageal Web Dilatation Procedure
  • Intraoperative Colonoscopy
  • Selero Therapy
  • Esophageal Manometry
  • Anorectal Manometry
  • 24hour Ph Manometry
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd)
  • Ogd
  • Biliary Dilatation
  • Pancreatic Duct (Pd)Stenting
  • Biofeedback Manometry
  • Balloon Expulsion Manometry
  • Colonoscopy
  • Capsule Endoscopy
  • Endosonography Guided Celiac Block
  • Esophagoscopy Stent
  • Sigmoidoscopy


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