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Top Oncology Hospital in Kakinada | Cancer Care

Medicover is a multi-speciality chain of hospitals in India, offering a wide range of healthcare facilities in Kakinada. Our cancer institute is the best cancer hospital in Kakinada, offering end-to-end cancer management and treatment. We have the most advanced technologies and world-class cancer detection and treatment amenities.

Our oncology department contains top oncologists in Kakinada, including surgical, medical, radiation, and pediatric oncologists with vast experience treating cancers of bone, brain, breast, blood, uterus, colon, lungs and other body parts. The team of oncologists collaborates with other departments to ensure multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary care for our patients.

Why Choose Medicover Hospitals for Cancer Care in Kakinada?

We at Medicover Hospitals provide individualised treatment plans for each patient to meet their health requirements. With the right combination of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, and immunotherapy, we leave no stone unturned to offer the best care to our patients.

Our cancer care unit is the best cancer hospital in Kakinada, offering a personalised cancer treatment plan. We understand what it takes to fight cancer, which is why we guide and support our patients with the help of our oncologists, pain management experts, psychologists, and wellness experts.

Using the latest technologies and advanced facilities helps us diagnose and treat cancer on time. We provide 24x7 care to cancer patients and are available round the clock to monitor their condition.


  • Complete clinical evaluation and staging
  • Personalised treatment plans tailored to specific needs
  • Delivery of integrated treatment - a combination of Medical, Surgical and Radiation treatment modalities
  • Evidence-based approach validated by expert Tumor Board

Our Technology And Equipment

The oncology specialists in Kakinada at Medicover Hospitals have the latest technology, high-standard facilities, and modern equipment that facilitate high-performance diagnosis and deliver excellent image quality while utilising less radiation. These give accuracy in diagnosing, take less time, and allow faster treatment. Here's the list of diagnosis equipment we have-

  • GEN2 Discovery IQ 4D PET - CT System
  • uMI 550 Digital PET-CT
  • Varian Halcyon Linac
  • GM Plus Varian iX HDR Brachytherapy


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Oncology?

Oncology is the specialisation that deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating various cancers.

2. What types of cancer treatments are available at Medicover Hospitals in Kakinada?

Our oncology department offers a comprehensive range of cancer treatments, like bone, brain, breast, blood, uterus, colon, lungs and other body parts.

3. How can I make an appointment with an oncologist in Kakinada at Medicover Hospitals?

You can easily book an appointment with our expert oncologists by calling our hospital at 040-68334455 or book an appointment online using our online booking system on the website.

4. Are any clinical trials available for cancer treatment at Medicover Hospitals, Kakinada?

Medicover Hospitals actively participates in clinical trials to explore new treatments and therapies for various types of cancer. Patients may have the opportunity to enrol in these trials under the guidance of our oncology team.

5. How can I learn more about the costs associated with cancer treatment at Medicover Hospitals?

Don't hesitate to contact our billing department or a financial counsellor for information regarding cancer treatment costs, including consultations, procedures, and hospitalisation. They help you understand the details of the price, options, and insurance coverage.

6. Which hospital is best for cancer patients in Kakinada?

Medicover Hospitals is the best for cancer care in Kakinada, with the latest technology, high-standard facilities, and modern equipment that facilitate the best diagnosis and treatment.

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