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The best nephrologists in Nizamabad at Medicover Hospital provide comprehensive, high-quality, multi-disciplinary, compassionate and evidence-based care across a range of kidney-related diseases. Nephrology is a specialty of medicine that focuses on kidney diseases. The kidneys are vital for life as they perform the essential functions of removing excess water and waste products from the blood. They regulate the body’s fluid, electrolyte, acid-base levels, help in the production of red blood cells, blood pressure, and help maintain healthy bones, but they are altered by several disease conditions and also by drugs and toxins.

Nephrologists suggest tests such as Kidney function tests, blood tests, urine analysis, glomerular filtration rate for estimating kidney function and ultrasound to diagnose kidney diseases. Other imaging studies include CT scan, MR angiography, renal biopsy, intravenous urography, scintigraphy and renal arteriography.

Nephrologists at Medicover Hospital are well-trained to deal with glomerular disorders, renovascular diseases, renal failure, kidney stones, electrolytic disorders, effects of diabetes and hypertension on kidneys and provide complete range of treatments such as renal replacement therapy and renal transplant for end stage renal disease. They use cutting–edge skills and the most integrated comprehensive approach to give every patient the best possible care.