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Hepatitis A disease is a common form of acute viral hepatitis. This viral infection causes liver inflammation and damage.
Hepatitis A disease is caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV), one of the various types of hepatitis viruses that result in liver damage.

If proper treatment is received, a patient suffering from Hepatitis A infection recovers from the illness within a few weeks. However, in certain rare cases, this disease can be serious and cause liver failure. Usually, HAV infection does not result in prolonged complications or issues such as liver cirrhosis, because the illness is only for a short time.

Hepatitis A symptoms

The symptoms of HAV infection includes:

Hepatitis A

When to See a Doctor?

Book an appointment with your doctor if you notice hepatitis A symptoms.
If your blood test report is positive for hepatitis A, your primary care doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist, hepatologist or a general physician for further treatment.

Get the best treatment for hepatitis A from our Gastroenterologist, hepatologist or General physician at Medicover Hospitals.

Hepatitis A causes

The hepatitis A virus (HAV) causes hepatitis A disease.

Risk factors

  • Transmission through oral-faecal route via exposure to contaminated food or water.
  • Food cooked by an infected person who has not washed their hands properly.
  • A person who has cleaned their hands in sewage contaminated water.
  • Drinking water, including ice-cubes contaminated with the virus.
  • Close physical contact with an infectious person.
  • Sexual contact with an infected person.
  • People who are exposed to contaminated syringes.
  • Travel to high-risk countries.
  • Individuals who inject drugs.


Hepatitis A infection can be prevented by taking the following precautions

  • It is possible to prevent this viral infection by taking hepatitis A vaccine.
  • Clean hands with soap before handling food items, after using the toilet and after using condoms or any sexual contact, handling nappies or the anal area of another person. Always use a clean towel to dry your hands.
  • Using clean toilets and washrooms.
  • Boil drinking water to make it safe to drink if it comes from an untreated source.
  • If travelling to high-risk countries get a hepatitis A vaccination to stay away from infection.


In order to diagnose the symptoms, the doctor will ask for the patient's medical history and details like any recent travel, close contact with an infected person and other lifestyle related habits.
The doctor will perform a physical examination to check for signs and symptoms of hepatitis A, and a blood test is sent to a laboratory to confirm the diagnosis.


For the hepatitis A infection, there is no specific treatment. In most cases, the illness gets cured on its own, and the liver heals within a few months with no lasting complications.
Hepatitis A treatment involves taking rest and managing symptoms.

These include:


Taking rest is important as the patients may feel weak and tired.

Light Diet

Due to nausea, it will be difficult to consume your regular meals. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day and drink fruit juice or milk rather than water.

Improving Lifestyle

Avoid alcohol consumption, smoking tobacco, and consuming junk processed foods and carbonated beverages as these habits may further damage the liver.

  • Taking prescribed medications on time for a quick recovery.

  • Dos and Don’ts

    Follow the below mentioned Do’s and Don’ts to prevent hepatitis A infection or to stop it from aggravating. It is a viral disease that affects the liver and is caused by the hepatitis A virus. Its symptoms may stay on for several weeks, but most people have a full recovery.

    Wash hands properly with soap and water.Consume alcohol and indulge in smoking
    Avoid sexual activity if infected with Hepatitis AEat junk and processed foods
    Avoid travelling to countries having wide-spread hepatitis AWash hands irregularly
    Drink clean drinking waterAvoid taking rest
    Take hepatitis A vaccinationEat food from street vendors

    Diagnosis of the HAV infection includes a physical examination and blood tests. There is no specific treatment for this viral disease. Patients are recommended complete rest and few medications that help manage symptoms.

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