Why Is Good Sleep Important?

Why Is Good Sleep Important

Sleep is necessary for every physical process, including our ability to recover from injuries, build our immunity, control our metabolism, and lower our risk of developing chronic diseases. Our state of consciousness changes when we sleep. In our peaceful physical state, the brain is quite active, performing tasks like repairing our mental state and promoting a good morning mood. But today, various factors of modern living like using mobiles, watching T.V. until late night, intake of caffeine, stress, etc have contributed to poor quality sleep. Surprising statistics have been linked to a wide range of adverse health and poor social outcomes that can impact a person's personal and professional life due to the increasingly busy lives, constant distractions, and the twenty-four-hour accessibility of the digital revolution.

So, What Does Quality Sleep Mean?

Everyone has a different definition of quality sleep. Regarding sleep, some people say they need 5 hours while others say they need at least 9 hours. Although there isn't a method for getting the best sleep possible, remember that we need 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. The following factors can assist you in sleep:

  • Sleeping in bed at least 85% of the total time
  • Waking up only one time at night
  • Avoid getting up frequently at night
  • Falling asleep in 30 minutes or less

You may assess your sleep using the above-mentioned criteria or a sleep quality app that measures your sleep duration, detect snoring, and may even encourage you to alter your sleeping pattern. Yes, you should pay attention to your body and feelings, but getting five hours of sleep every night may become a habit, and you wouldn't realize the harm it does.

Why Is Good Sleep Important For Us?

Sleep has various advantages like we will be more focused, less grumpy, and more efficient at doing our daily activities — the benefits of getting enough sleep go far beyond. Frequent poor sleeping habits contributes to long-term health issues, such as:

Here are the health benefits of sleep to convince you!

Good Sleep = Good Mood!:

Insufficient sleep frequently affects the mood, causing irritation and a rise in negative feelings. Getting adequate sleep is important to be in a good mood and, more importantly, to be healthy and happier.

Sleep is important for weight loss:

Lack of Sleep leaves you with little energy. You will only have the energy to do simple activities. Even a little walk around the block could feel overwhelming. If you don't sleep on time, you will feel tired and sleepy and won't be able to do the required exercises to stay fit.

Sleep is important for the brain:

Our body relaxes when we sleep, and this allows our brain to improve our body’s metabolic activities, healing and repairing the body’s damaged tissues. Inadequate sleep makes our bodies and brain become stagnant, that impacts a person's ability to work properly and students find it difficult to concentrate on studies.

Sleep is important for the cardiovascular system:

Inadequate sleep may increase inflammation and the risk of diabetes, cancer, or heart problems. Hence proper sleep can help in preventing these serious health concerns.

Sleep is important for inflammation prevention:

Inadequate sleep may increase inflammation and the risk of diabetes, cancer, or heart problems. Hence proper sleep can help in preventing these serious health concerns.

Sleep is important for social interactions:

Communication with people takes energy and presence of mind. So, to be alert and be able to recognize important social cues, you need to sleep enough.

Signs of Inadequate Sleep

Inadequate sleep can lead to the following:

  • More Weight Gain
  • Makes You Depressive
  • Affects Your Overall Health
  • Affects Skin and Health
  • Less concentration and more prone to accidents


Your body and brain go through several healing processes when you sleep. You must seek medical assistance if you believe any health condition has altered your sleeping pattern and you are experiencing different sleep problems.Health and good sleep are strongly connected with each other.

So Sleep Well!!!

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