Global Handwashing Day 2022

Global Handwashing Day 2022

Since we were young children, our parents have taught us to always wash our hands, thus making us aware of its significance and also a lifelong habit.

Global Handwashing Day holds significant significance in the current era as people are battling various health issues. This day is commemorated yearly to spread the message and ensure global awareness, visibility, and sustainability of handwashing in health care. This is not just hand washing; it's about working together to live a healthy life free of disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

About Global Handwashing Day!

Global Handwashing Day is marked on the 15th of October every year. The theme for 2022 is a "Health Care Quality And Safety Climate Or Culture" that values handwashing with soap and water and is committed to raising awareness and understanding about the necessity of washing hands as a powerful and affordable way to prevent disease and save lives.

It is one of the easiest, most practical ways to control the spread of germs (infections) and stay healthy. Clean hands mean free from diarrheal illnesses, contagious respiratory infections, such as the Covid-19, tuberculosis, common cold or flu, etc.

Why is hand hygiene important?

Our hands may come into contact with various contaminated objects and surfaces throughout the day, including door handles, desks, sinks, stair railings, and others. If you put this hand in the mouth or touch the nose, there is a possibility that one can become ill. Hand hygiene is essential for preventing such situations. Here are a few reasons for why one should take hand hygiene seriously:

  • One is less likely to develop a cold, influenza (including H1N1), chickenpox, mumps, or other infections if one practises proper hand hygiene.
  • Hand washing before cooking or eating a meal reduces the risk of getting food poisoning, and it keeps you healthy by reducing the risk of diarrhea, salmonella, Giardiasis, E.coli infection, etc.
  • Germs can spread and cause eye diseases, for example conjunctivitis (pink eye), trachoma, etc. It is advised to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands.
  • Worm infestations and viral infections such as Hepatitis A, E can be reduced if good hand hygiene is practiced on a regular basis.
  • When people practise basic hand hygiene, they are protected from germs and therefore will take less drugs, particularly antibiotics, to cure an infection.
  • Good hand hygiene not only supports acne-free, clear skin by preventing bacteria transmission from the hands to the face.
  • We can prevent the spreading of germs from unwashed hands that can be transferred to other objects, like table tops, door knobs, chairs, table tops, or toys, and then transmitted to other healthy people's hands.


As we are battling deadly viruses like COVID-19, monkeypox, lumpy skin disease, and various other infections, people are starting to understand the value of hand washing and how it can save lives and prevent the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. This is a day to raise awareness, educate people, and bring everyone together to discuss the importance of hand hygiene in our daily life. It is a simple, low-cost, and effective method of health protection.

Practice hand washing regularly and protect yourself and your family.

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