Vitamins are taken mostly to manage the deficiencies in our bodies. Taking vitamins at some particular time may reduce the risk of side effects. All the vitamins tablets work in different ways. Some people may follow some specific time to have them or some may take the vitamins with meals. If a person is taking vitamins to cover up the deficiency, then there shouldn’t be any break in between. So, the best time of taking the vitamins will depend on the type of vitamin you are taking and what are the health effects you would be getting from them.

What is Best Time To Take Vitamins?

The time of the day has some impact on the mineral supplement. Some vitamins that can be taken in the morning time:

  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D

Some vitamins that will show you result if you take them in the evening are:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B-3b (niacin)

Most people taking vitamins on an empty stomach may create problems in their stomach and can also lead to indigestion. It’s better to take vitamins with the meal or can prescribe a doctor. Some perfect times to take vitamins are:

Vitamin A

It helps in maintaining the vision and reproductive system. There is no perfect time fix for taking vitamin A tablets. It can be taken both in the morning and in the evening. Vitamin A can be taken whenever it’s convenient for you.

Vitamin B

This includes folic acid and riboflavin, which help our body in staying healthy. When there is a deficiency in Vitamin B, a person can feel tired and low. In some severe cases, a person may face confusion and anemia. Mostly, vitamin B is taken as a group in a multivitamin capsule.

Vitamin B-6

This is also called pyridoxine, which may cause you vivid dreams and also can improve the ability to dream. People who took vitamin B-6 for five days got a clear picture of their dream.

Vitamin B-12

This capsule helps your body to produce energy and anecdotally. It helps people in being energetic and also helps you in falling asleep. It can be taken in the morning.

Vitamin B-3

Taking vitamin B-3 has helped many people to fall asleep. While taking Vitamin B-3 capsules a person must not be drinking alcohol as it can create stress niacin’s effect.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C capsules help the immune system work more effectively and also help in protecting your cells from the dangers of free radicals. These tablets are water-soluble and a person may or may not take them with meals. If vitamin C is taken in large doses then there can be a chance of getting stomach infection or diarrhea.

Vitamin D

It can help in building our immune system in proper shape. When our body is exposed to the sun it forms vitamin D. It can be taken with meals that will contain some fats. If a person takes vitamin D lately then of getting sleeping disorders.

Vitamin E

The tablets protect the cells from getting damaged and also help in boosting the immune system. Vitamin E tablets also help in widening blood vessels and prevent blood clots. Deficiencies of vitamins may cause nerve damage and vision problems. Vitamin E can be taken with a fat-containing meal.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps in building strong bones and also protects them from cancer. This also helps in fighting diabetes and improvises the body’s sensitivity. Vitamin K can be taken with a meal as there is no such perfect time mentioned.
Vitamins are made with some added ingredients such as herbs, fatty acids, and amino acids. Sometimes these are called multis. A healthy diet can provide you with the required nutrients that your body needs. But sometimes a body may face vitamin deficiency and this will lead t many health issues. Reasons, why we should be taking multivitamins, are:

  • The quality vitamin will help in increasing the intake of nutrients.
  • Vitamin capsules would help in fighting some specific health problems.
  • Pregnant women and older people will get some health benefits.

Type of Vitamins
Best Time to Take
Multivitamins Morning
Prenatal Vitamins Morning
Vitamin B Morning
Vitamin D Morning or Night
Iron Active Iron – Whenever suits you
Magnesium No perfect time – Just be consistent
Omega-3 Fatty Acid Morning & Afternoon

Vitamins for Different Age Groups

Vitamin capsules can be taken by various age groups and there are different formulations designed for such an age group. Some of these are:

Vitamins to Take in Your 50’s

With the growing age need for the body also increases like some nutrients becoming more important. For this age group, higher levels of calcium and vitamin D are formulated. The old age group needs more nutrition than the normal age group to strengthen their bones and preventing from osteoporosis. Some vitamins also contain antioxidants like lutein, which helps to support the vision of a person.

Vitamin for Pregnancy

The important nutrient that pregnant women need is folic acid, which helps in reducing the central tube effects. Pregnant women shouldn’t be taking vitamin A as it may harm unborn babies. Sometimes, it’s better to take a doctor’s advice before taking vitamin capsules.

Vitamin for Physically Active People

If a person is an athlete or does exercises regularly, then a person must take vitamin tablets. Some vitamin tablets that should be taken to gain energy are magnesium and Vitamin B which provide required nutrition and take support bone.

Vitamin for Children

For good nutrients and proper health, a child should take the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A and Vitamin B helps a child in growth and development and also provide them with the required amount of calcium and iron.
Vitamin supplements won’t show you result unless you take them daily. All the vitamins capsules have their pros and cons and also they can be very effective too. Excessive taking of vitamins may cause harm to your body. So before taking any vitamins, take the consult of your prescribed doctor.

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