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  • We have two branches in Hyderabad city. One branch is at Hitech City, Madhapur and another branch which is opposite to Secretariat. Both the units are equipped with high-end cath labs and experienced doctors.
  • Cost of Angiogram:

  • Angiogram cost in Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad
  • Angiogram

  • Angiogram which is also called as Angiography is basically an X-ray test that uses a contrast or dye to know the blockages in the arteries.
  • Generally, Angiogram is referred to as a Heart Coronary Angiogram. Coronary Angiogram is an interventional cath procedure that will be performed in CATH Lab by a certified interventional cardiologist.
  • Coronary Angiogram also refers to cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive procedure, where cardiologists will guide the catheter to the patients’ arteries in the heart. This procedure will take approximately around 30-45 minutes, to know the complete details of this procedure click: “What is Angiogram?”
  • Angiogram Cost in Hitech City,Hyderabad:

    The approximate cost (In INR)
    ECG Rs.264/-
    2D ECHO Rs.2000/-
    TMT (Treadmill Test) Rs.2000/-
    Chest X-ray Rs.570/-
    Day Care Cath Coronary Angiogram Rs.23,000/-
    CT Coronary Angiogram Rs.15,000/-

    Cardiologists in Hitech City, Madhapur:

    Doctor Name
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    1 Dr.Anil Krishna Gundala DNB, DM Sr.Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Managing Director Click Here
    2 Dr. Sharath Reddy MD, DM, FSCAI Sr. Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Click Here
    3 Dr. Premchand MD,DM Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Click Here
    4 Dr. R. Balaji MD, DM, FSCAI Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Click Here

  • Note: The above-mentioned cost is dated 20-05-2020, latest prices may vary please call on Call: 040 6833 4455
  • to get the latest cost.

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