What is Advanced techniques for hernia repair?

“Don’t let Hernia affect your daily life!”

Pain or a bulge in the abdomen wall can sometimes limit your physical abilities. Hernia is a disorder affecting the abdominal wall and other muscle compartments. If you've been experiencing a bulge, stiffness, pain related to the bulge, or any other symptoms, the body probably needs a hernia treatment, which mostly is a hernia surgery.

A hernia occurs when an internal tissue or organ breaks through a muscle hole. There are different types of hernias and most hernias are abdominal hernias. This is treated with Hernia repair surgery, also known as Herniorrhaphy, which involves positioning the displayed tissues.

These days the surgery is performed with advanced techniques involving painless, less-invasive procedures that gives quick recovery.

How is a hernia treated?

For diagnosing a hernia, our doctor will check for a bulge in the affected area and will inquire about the patient's medical history as well as their symptoms. If the bulge cannot be found, imaging tests such as an MRI, CT scan, or ultrasound may be required for a more precise diagnosis.

Hernias have a high recurrence rate, and surgical mesh can help prevent a recurrence. The patient is usually able to return to home within a few hours of the surgery and can have a full recovery that can take up to six weeks. A hernia is usually treated with surgery. Earlier only open repair or surgery was the option, but these days laparoscopic (minimally invasive) and robotic repair are preferred by everyone.

Advanced Hernia Repair

  • Less blood loss
  • Fast operation and recovery time
  • More precision and negligible chances of errors
  • Suitable for any age patient
  • Quick discharge from the hospital
  • Reduced risk of post-surgical complications like infection

Laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive) Hernia Repair Surgery

Less pain during and after surgery, three tiny scars rather than one larger incision, scars that are barely visible after a few months, a faster return to work, and a shorter recovery time are all benefits of laparoscopic hernia surgery. A laparoscope, a thin, telescope-like instrument inserted through a small incision at the umbilicus, is used for laparoscopic (minimally invasive) hernia repair. As this procedure is usually done under general anaesthesia, a general health evaluation, including a history, physical exam, and an electrocardiogram (EKG), is performed before the surgery. The laparoscope is connected to a small video camera that displays an inside image of the body on the screens.

Robotic Hernia Repair Surgery

Robotic hernia repair uses a laparoscope, which is performed the same way as laparoscopic surgery, involving a tiny camera, small incisions, inflation of the abdomen, and projecting the inside of the abdomen onto television screens. The surgeon sits in the operating room at a console and operates the surgical instruments. The robot's use produces great three-dimensional views of the abdomen's inside. The surgeon may quickly repair tissue and mesh inside the abdomen with stitches due to robotic surgery.

Benefits of Robotic Hernia Repair

Advantages of robotic hernia surgery include the absence of large incision scars and less pain after the procedure compared to other surgeries.

Why Should You Not Delay Surgery?

  • It can become severe with more complications
  • Can cause severe pain, & fever
  • Medicines & other treatment methods can become ineffective
  • Surgery is the "Only" Solution

When hernia specialists perform hernia surgeries, there are no or few risks. Hernia surgeries are performed on a daycare basis, and patients can be discharged home within 24 hours of surgery.
Our team at Medicover Hospitals is well-equipped to handle these complications and provide you with the care you require. Our doctors and staff have successfully repaired many hernia cases using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques. We use cutting-edge technologies and equipment to perform this surgery and bring highly successful results.

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