2D Echo Color Doppler test for Heart

2D Echo is a test for heart, in which ultrasound technique is used to take heart pictures. It displays beating heart, chambers, valves and the major blood vessels of heart in cross sectional ‘slice’.

‘Doppler’ is a special element of this ultrasound exam that assesses heart blood flow.

What they will do in 2D Echo test?

A colorless gel is applied to the chest area and then they will ask you to lay on left side, as the technician moves the transducer across the various location of your chest to get desired view of the heart.

Certain instructions will be given to the patient to breathe slowly or to hold breathe few seconds. This helps in getting superior quality pictures. These images are recorded (DVD, paper) and viewed on the monitor.

How much time it will take?

In normal cases, a 2D Echo test may be done with 15-20mins. If patient has any heart problems, it may take some more time.

2D Echo machine will detects

  • Pumping function, if it is normal or reduce to a severe/mild degree.
  • Chamber size, volume and the thickness of the walls.
  • Valve function – structure, thickness and movement of heart’s valves.
  • Volume status as low blood pressure may occur as a result of poor heart function.

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