What is Vasectomy Reversal?

The vas deferens are removed during a vasectomy. This tube links the sperm-producing testicles to the penis for ejaculation. Your testicles can still make sperm after a vasectomy, but they will not make it into the ejaculated semen. The reversal vasectomy is a surgical procedure that reconnects the male reproductive system. The vas deferens are reattached to the penis, allowing sperm to be discharged again.

Cost of Vasectomy Reversal In India

The cost of a Vasectomy Reversal in Hyderabad, Vizag, Navi Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nellore, Kakinada, Kurnool or other locations may vary, and it depends on the type of hospital and the city you choose.

City Cost Range
Cost of Vasectomy Reversal In India Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 45,000

Vasectomy Reversal Before
Vasectomy Reversal after

How to Prepare for Vasectomy Reversal?

  • Understand what is expected from the surgery and the risks, advantages, and other possibilities.
  • Your doctor may conduct a physical examination to ensure there is no underlying health issue that might cause complications before or after the surgery.
  • You should avoid eating or drinking the night before your surgery.
  • Stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery, and don't smoke again for at least a month.
  • Avoid alcohol for at least a week before surgery, and avoid aspirin for at least 48 hours.
  • Any other medications to avoid will be recommended by your doctors, such as using blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • On the day before surgery, patients must shave the front portion of their scrotum.
  • Vasectomy reversals are done as an outpatient procedure; therefore, there is no need to stay in the hospital overnight.
  • The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic.

How is Vasectomy Reversal Done?

  • A vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure that takes 30–60 minutes to complete.
  • The procedure is performed under either local or general anaesthesia.
  • To access the vas deferens, the surgeon creates an incision on the bottom of the scrotum.
  • Your surgeon will open the vas deferens and examine the fluid within.
  • If there is sperm in the fluids, the surgeon will perform a vasovasostomy. The surgeon will do a vasoepididymostomy if there is no sperm or if the liquid is excessively thick.
  • Your surgeon uses stitches or sutures to close the incision and wraps your scrotum to stop the bleeding.

Who is a good candidate for a vasectomy reversal?

Vasectomies may be reversible up to 20 years after the initial procedure. However, the longer you wait to reverse a vasectomy, the less likely you are to be able to conceive a child. A vasectomy reversal will not boost your chances of getting your partner pregnant if she has undergone a tubal ligation.

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