What Is Squint?

Squint, also called strabismus, is a condition where the eyeballs point in different directions, mostly opposite to each other and are not synchronised.

Squint Surgery Cost In India

The cost of a squint surgery varies according to the city and the hospital one chooses. The cost of this surgery in Hyderabad, Vizag, Nashik and other cities differs widely based on various other factors. The typical cost of squint surgery is between INR 25,000 to INR 54,000. The minimum cost of a squint operation in Hyderabad is Rs. 22,000 and the maximum is Rs. 53,000.

City Average Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs. 22,000 and the maximum is Rs. 53,000.

How To Prepare For Squint Surgery?

  • No significant preparation is required for this surgery, but you need to do specific surgical tests to know your general health.
  • Let your doctor know about it if you take any other drugs or supplements or have any health problems.
  • Your eye surgeon will give you instructions regarding the precautions for the squint surgery procedure.

How Is Squint Surgery Done?

  • The squint operative procedure does not require an overnight hospital stay, and you will be discharged on the same day.
  • The squint surgical procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • The surgeon will first use a lid speculum to keep the eye open.
  • The eye surgeon will detach the muscles that are connected to the eye and change their position in the right path so that both eyes point in a similar direction.
  • The eye muscles are placed in their new position with dissolvable stitches placed behind the eyes.
  • After the operation, you can resume your daily activities within two to three days.

What Are The Risks Of Squint Surgery?

  • Permanent double vision
  • Eye injury
  • Rarely, vision loss
  • Infection
  • Failed surgery - further surgery required

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