What is CyberKnife?

The CyberKnife System is a non-invasive radiation therapy treatment for cancerous and non-cancerous tumours. It is used to treat conditions in the prostate, head, neck, lungs, brain, spine, liver, pancreas, and kidney, and can be used as an alternative to surgery or for patients with inoperable or surgically complex tumours. Treatments with the CyberKnife are typically completed in 1 to 5 sessions. The CyberKnife System has been clinically proven to help thousands of cancer patients for over two decades.

Cyberknife Treatment Cost In India

The Cyberknife cost in Hyderabad, Nasik, Vizag and other cities may vary. It depends on the type of the hospital, its infrastructure and the city you choose. The cost may vary based on the severity of the case which varies from person to person. The cost of a Cyberknife in India starts from Rs. 3,12,000/-

City Cost Range
Hyderabad Rs. 3,12,000

How CyberKnife Works

CyberKnife uses a high-energy X-ray machine mounted on a robotic arm to precisely deliver radiation beams that destroy tumour cells and inhibit tumour growth while causing no harm to healthy tissue.

Each CyberKnife patient receives the same treatment. A consultation, a treatment planning appointment, one to five treatment appointments, and follow-up appointments are all part of the process. Stopping tumour growth by destroying tumour cells

What are the risks involved in cyberknife?

In general, CyberKnife is safe surgery, but in rare cases, certain risks can be present, such as -

  • Headache
  • Increased intracranial pressure is expressed by nausea and vomiting
  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Seizures
  • Edema (causing headaches)
  • Necrosis

Our Surgeons

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