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General Surgery at Medicover Hospitals, Karimnagar

The General Surgery department at Medicover hospitals with its excellent medical services has made it one of the best general surgery hospitals in Karimnagar for delivering various types of surgical interventions ranging from basic procedures to rare and complicated surgeries.

The department of general surgery consists of the top surgeons, OT technicians, trauma surgeons and anesthesiologists who closely examine the condition of the patient and perform the surgery with precision. Surgical interventions of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, colon, and others are done with minimally invasive techniques that aim for faster recovery and minimum surgical pain on the site.

We have a proven record of excellence in performing gallbladder surgery, GERD surgery, endocrine surgery, hernia surgery, hemorrhoids, liver surgery, laparoscopic surgery, vascular surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cholecystectomy, and appendectomy, hysterectomy and other surgeries. Our general surgeons provide holistic pre-and post-operative care and make each patient feel comfortable and supported.

Best General Surgery Hospital in Karimnagar

The operation theaters at our hospital are well designed to carry out therapeutic and palliative procedures and complex surgeries with varying degrees of invasiveness. They are adequately equipped with anesthesia machines, suction machines, sterilizer machines, defibrillators, oxygen concentrators, and other vital set-ups that ensure the best environment to conduct any surgery safely.

We are the most recommended hospital in Karimnagar for any emergency surgical need. Our surgical units and facilities are fully equipped with the latest technologies to handle every situation with efficiency. We offer comprehensive pre-surgical and post-surgical monitoring, as well as inpatient, outpatient, and 24x7 lab services to all of our patients, assuring complete follow-up under one roof.


  • Infection Control and Safety Systems
  • Emergency Department with a Rapid Action Team –24/7 Emergency Care
  • Latest Monitoring Systems
  • Access to advanced diagnostic tools with data-based decision making
  • Deep medical expertise with a focus on taking proper care of the patient

Technology And Equipment

The General Surgery department specializes in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries. 2D/3D ECHO is used for real-time imaging of heart structures. Heart functioning is monitored with echocardiography. 3D Spies Camera System is used for difficult procedures providing a better perspective of anatomical areas.

Our Doctors

Designation :
Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
5 Years