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In the Lane of IBIS Hotels,
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Best Gynecology Hospital in Hyderabad

Medicover Hospital is one of the top multispeciality hospitals in India, with a leading wing of the maternity hospital chain, providing advanced medical services and expert treatment solutions to women of all ages. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for gynec issues and 24x7 emergency services for maternity, gynecology, and fertility cases.

We are one of the best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad, operating with an experienced team of specialists, including gynecologists, obstetricians, gynec oncologists, fertility experts, and other finest gynec surgeons in India with expertise in managing all the major and minor diseases pertaining to females.

Our team provides treatment for all complicated gynecological problems, such as high-risk pregnancies, pcod, pcos, thyroid, menstrual irregularities, infertility, prolapsed uterus, fibroids, and other tumours of the uterus and ovaries. We have dealt with many complicated pregnancy cases with highly successful results. Our advanced facility also provides prenatal and postnatal care at the most affordable cost.

Our experienced team is here to guide and support you in every difficult situation and propose to you the most feasible treatment option personalized as per your unique needs.

Medicover Hospitals is one of the best gynecology hospital in Hyderabad. We feel very thankful for our skilled team of specialists in gynecology, which includes the foremost gynecologists in Hyderabad. We have a group of committed nurses, cutting-edge operating rooms, and first-rate post-operative care.

We make sure that our patients' families receive the finest possible assistance throughout their treatment and rehabilitation, in addition to attending to their requirements. We carry out a wide range of complicated treatments, such as pain management during labor and delivery and all laparoscopic gynecological surgeries, including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for any gynecological surgical disorders. We are open around the clock. At our hospital, you may find some of the best gynecologist in hyderabad working together. If you are searching for the best gynae near me, then Medicover Hospital is the famous one.


  • Labor Delivery Room (LDR)
  • Operation Theatre
  • 24/7 Emergency Care
  • Laboratory
  • Ultrasound
  • SICU
  • Post-Operative Ward
  • Room and suites


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best hospital for gynecology near me?

Medicover Hospitals is the best gynecology hospitals in Hyderabad because it provides supreme treatment for women.

2. Can I see an obstetrician or gynecologist about breast cancer?

Absolutely, when treating breast cancer, it is best to speak with a gynecologist. A gynecologist who suspects breast cancer may recommend you to an oncologist and participate in your cancer treatment. By doing this, you may lessen the likelihood of a total mastectomy (breast removal).

3. Should I get a pap test when I'm on my period?

As long as your menstrual flow is not heavy, you can get a pap test during your period. However, attempt to arrange for your pap test appointment to take place when you are not on your period.

4. Is pain in the lower abdomen normal during pregnancy?

Not at all. There could be a number of causes, some of which are grave, such as premature labor. If you experience any such symptoms, you should see a gynecologist right away.

5. After going through menopause for a few years, why did I start getting my period?

Blood testing and sonography are required before considering the cause of the menstruation.

6. Does using a toilet seat expose me to HPV or HSV?

HPV: The human papillomavirus and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) cannot be contracted from a toilet seat. The most prevalent STI, HPV, affects between 75 and 80% of adults.